Sunday, February 1, 2009

How it all began

Written: July 2009

This is how it all began. A mini story of how I got here. How I got to the "Seriously, no more excuses" place! The place that makes me say "No one said it was easy!"

First, I just want to thank my boyfriend, Steven. He's been with me through all of this, and has always seen me as beautiful. If you are going to make changes, you need to make changes for yourself, but it always helps having that contestant encouragement there. He has been my love, my encouragement, my foundation through it all. Steven, thank you!

Secondly, please understand that getting this out there on "paper" is hard for me. I've admitted to very few how bad it had gotten. Just keep that in mind...

So, here story - how it all began!

One fine, crisp, December day while shopping for my mini bamboo, my boyfriend and I (really it was my idea) decided it would be a good idea to buy a scale. We took it home and I weighed myself. I saw the number. I hit the scale in December 2007 weighing my absolute heaviest at 220lbs. I was 22 years old. I'm 5'8", this was unacceptable to me. I always struggled with weight but never considered myself fat until then. I read that number on the scale (first time I had weighed myself in nearly 3 years) and was stunned, mad, embarrassed, appalled, angry, sad, confused, scared really. The worst I've ever felt about myself.

I knew that if I was in my 20's and fat it was only going to get worse unless I changed. What would I be like in my 30's, my 40's? Right then and there I vowed never again. Never again was I going to let myself get out of control. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and habits, drastically!

I started eating healthy (not a diet, just all around healthy) and started exercising (walking and life cycle 3 days a week). In May 2008 I started boxing. In October 2008 I starting running and training for my first half marathon.

It's been about a year and a half and I've lost nearly 45 pounds. I'm at an acceptable weight, but I want to lose more. I'd like to get down to 150/140 (whatever my body can handle while maintaining).

Honestly, no one said it was going to be easy. It took me years to gain the weight, I knew it was going to take more than a pill or lemon juice and pepper diet to lose the weight. I yo-yo dieted, crash dieted, and just about everything in between. I can say that I did it (am still doing it) the hard way, but guess's the fun way; it's the rewarding way; and bottom line, it's the only way to do it healthy!

So that's it, for now at least! I will come back from time to time to post new updates of how I'm doing. I'd like to lose 15 more pounds by December 2009. If I do that, I'll be able to say that I've lost 60 pounds in 2 years...that would be so awesome!

PS - I love reading comments, tips, tricks, struggles we might share, so let me know what's on your mind!

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  1. of bff...i struggle with my weight constantly...i have become so out of control with my eating habits, as far as watching too closely. i was sick a few years back and dropped down to 125 pounds, and for someone like me - 5'10", i know that's too thin. but in my twisted little head, i would do anything to get back to that. i am so greatful for has taught me so much about my body - limitations, nutrition, to stop looking at the scale and to eat good things to maintain the energy to run. i still struggle internally, more than anyone will know, but i just keep at it - eating healthy and staying active and running. i love my running. Keep up the good work and know that you are a wonderful spirit and a great motivating inspiration to all who know you. :)

  2. I think it is awesome that you are so honest about your struggles. Most people sugar coat it so it makes people (like me) feel like we are the only ones battling weight and healthy lifestyles. I do know what it fees like to get to that point where you go "what has happened to me." I am 5'7 and about id say a year and a half ago i weighed myself at 186! I just cried. I then changed my eating and joined a bootcamp. I did several and I got to 165 I think and now I am back at feels like a constant struggle. But your blog and story and honesty makes me realize I can and WILL get back on track!

  3. Hi Jen! My name's Rachel and I happened upon your blog because, well, this weekend seems to be the weekend I spend reading running blogs like crazy! I share your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and found myself face to face with "that number" on the scale in 2005. I joined Weight Watchers and started running...and have never looked back. Sorry if this sounds terribly cheesy, but I thought you might like to hear from someone who could relate! Still working at it every day, and you're's never easy. :)

    Feel free to follow me at

    Take care! Rachel

  4. Very cute blog, lady! :)

  5. Hi Jen,
    I just recently started a blogging myself and following yours.
    Congrats on the weight lost and all your running accomplishments. Youre an inspiration :)


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