Monday, February 2, 2009

My Gear

August 10, 2009

As a runner, I like to see what other people are using. What shoes are they wearing? Sports bras? Running shorts? Watches? Even socks or headbands?

Currently, here is a list of my gear...very simple!

Asics GT 2130 (now 2140)

Asics GT 2130 - Pink (355 miles on these puppies)
Status: RETIRED (as soon as my 2140's are in)

Asics GT 2140 - Turquoise (0 miles yet)
Status: on back order!

Sports Bra
Moving Comfort - Calli Bra

Seriously, the best sports bra ever invented. I'm a little on the "blessed" side so I need support, especially while running. I can honestly say this was the best money I ever spent on a running item! Great support without feeling like your suffocating. Doubling up sports bras are NO MORE!
Status: VERY ACTIVE - I need to buy more

Currently looking for a pair to swear by! I have 3 different brands/types. None of which are amazing. I like the compression style shorts. Any suggestions?

Bought another iPod nano (pink - of course) after I lost mine at a bar! (purses without zippers FAIL) and pink Incase case for the nano. Has a belt clip to clip on my running shorts!

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