Thursday, June 18, 2009

I want to be fast.

I didn't start calling myself a runner until a friend told me: "You run 4 days a week, have been for more than 6 months, you completed a half marathon, and are planning on doing're a runner!"

I always felt like a runner should be fast.

I'm not fast.

But how important is speed for a distance runner?

I want to be a 10 minute miler!

Now if any of you are runners out there, you know, the fast kind, you might be thinking to yourself "10 minute mile isn't that fast." Yes, I'm aware but it's faster than a 13:32 minute mile is it not?

13:32 my pace during my half marathon in February 2009
11:07 my pace during my 5k in April 2009
11:49 my pace during my 5k in May 2009 (it was not a good day for me)

Anyways, back to the 10 minute mile. At this point, it almost feels unreachable. Sure, I've been running for less than a year, but I feel slow. Yes, clearly, I've improved my speed (just look at my numbers).

But I want to be faster. I want to go faster.

I want to be fast.

Is a 10 minute mile really that difficult to maintain?

I think it's a mental block (like many things in running).

Somehow I am afraid to go faster for fear of getting too tired too quickly and not being able to complete my time or distance goal.

I'm sure I'll get there. Probably sooner rather than later, I just need to get past that mental block!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, I'd have to agree with your friends, you're a runner for sure :) I'm not a fast runner either, and not running at all right now, but there's a few things I've learned through my journey. We're not all the same, some of us are built for speed, some for endurance, some are lucky to have both. Yes, I'd love to be faster too, but... I hated running as a kid, only started a few years ago, and have realized that I can only do what I can given my genetics. It looks like you're already getting faster, just don't give up. Keep at it :)

  2. Well said, Mel! Thanks for the encouragement. It makes sense, genetics play a huge role in it, I just need to be reminded of it from time to time! :)


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