Sunday, June 28, 2009

No more excuses

I'm sick of having bad runs! For reasons I can and cannot control, I haven't had a really good, long, hard run in months!

I hate it!

Reasons why I've had bad runs:
  • I've been tired before every run
  • I haven't been hydrated enough
  • I haven't had a lot of motivation
  • My knees have been acting up again
  • I feel like I have plenty of time to train for my next half

Well, guess what? I'm tired of excuses.

It's not my style and frankly, I'm a little pissed I've been making excuses. That's not what I do.

So, here it is, out in the open for anyone to see...

Here are my answers for my excuses:
  • Tired? Get more sleep, and start running first thing in the morning (I have more energy then)
  • Not hydrated? Drink more water and Gu2O!
  • No motivation? Find it, simple as that! Think about the 3 half marathons you have coming up!
  • Knees hurt? Not the first time, wear your knee braces and make sure you ice them when needed.
  • Plenty of time to train for your next half? Not anymore. It's in 16 weeks!

So, here's to no more excuses! Tomorrow it's a 5:30am run, no matter what, it's what I'm doing!

Wow, I feel better just getting this written out!


  1. great job getting it out there. when i lack motivation or feel tired, often if i simply change into my running clothes, it's all i need. once i'm dressed, i go. Good luck, and it sounds like you're on the right path now, go with it!!

  2. I just went through about a month of being off with my running. It was horrible, but it came and passed. I think every runner goes through that. The great thing is that you're analyzing what's going on with your running and writing it down. That's why I started my blog - definitely keeps one more accountable and more reflective throughout training. Make sure you're hydrating! ;) I drink two bottles of water the evening before my run and it's not fun! I've yet to start tonight. Eek! Enjoy your run tomorrow!

  3. NO MORE EXCUSES!! You sound like you struggle more with not doing it than you do with getting it done. Stop beating yourself up and fit it in. Ice your knees and stretch. Rest when you need to. You will be GREAT!

    Thanks for your comments...


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