Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Facts About Me

A growing listing about me
  1. I am a girlfriend to the most perfect man ever
  2. I am the mommy of a dog and beta fish
  3. I manage a member based non-profit association
  4. I love to run
  5. I hate to run
  6. I love to cook
  7. I'm afraid of deep water but I love the Ocean and I do know how to swim (barely)
  8. I am the founder of (not related to #3)
  9. I love the color pink
  10. I pick toenail polish based only on the title of the color (current color "Pink Lightning")
  11. My favorite number is 3
  12. I'm obsessed with sports (seriously...obsessed)
  13. I love taking photos (adrinahDESIGN)
  14. I love laughing
  15. I love making people laugh
  16. I enjoy driving
  17. I like to read
  18. My favorite TV show is Bones
  19. My second favorite TV show is Top Gear (it's British)
  20. I completed my first race ever (Austin Half Marathon) February 15, 2009
  21. A secret dream of mine to to open a restaurant (or at least write a cook book)
  22. I have 3 more half marathons planned (October 2009, December 2009, and February 2010)

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