Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finding Motivation?

Wow, can't believe it's been a week since my last post - sadly it's also been a week since my last good run.

I went home (to the Phoenix, AZ area) this weekend becuase one of my best friends from high school got married. It was such a beautiful wedding and am so happy I was able to be there for it!

With that said, I got to run inside (of course, with 113 degree weather - no exaggeration - it really was 113 on Saturday) at my favorite gym! Every time I'm there I run into Charles Barkley, it's so cool - except this time I didn't run into him, which sorta bummed me out!

Well - let me back track a little.

My last post was me icing my knees before my Wednesday morning run...that, never happened. My alarm went off, and I immediately said "Hell no!" Gosh, I hate that! My knees were achy and I was exhausted...excuses...I'm well aware! I hate that I made excuses. For some reason that I cannot remember (clearly not a good one) I didn't run that day after work.

Friday rolled around. I set my alarm. Alarm went off..."Ugh not today, I'm tired." Turned off the alarm. No morning run. Now Friday afternoon I did have a good reason I didn't run, I was on a plane to Phoenix and when we landed we met friends out for dinner. I was such a good girl too. They wanted to go out to a near-by bar, and I declined becuase I knew I had to wake up early for a long run. I really try not to drink on Friday nights because my long runs are on Saturday.

I did wake up on Saturday and go running (at the gym where I did not run into my favorite basketball player of all time...). Anyway, it was an awful run. Awful. I hated just about every minute of it. But ultimately, glad I ran.

This brings me to Monday. I decided that since I cannot get enough sleep and gain enough energy to have a good run first thing in the morning, I'm going to have to go back to running after work. I don't really like this becuase by the time I'm done running, cook dinner, and settle down, it's time for bed, but I guess it's what I have to do if I'm going to run. The good thing is that once it cools down I can just drive over to the lake to go running after work. This is also good becuase the longer my runs get during the week, the more difficult it would be to run before work.

Good grief - long side note!

Anyways... I didn't run Monday becuase I suck. Pretty much that's the only reason.

This leads me to what I really wanted to blog about and what I need your help with!

How do you find that motivation?

I feel like my first half marathon was amazing becuase it was such a new experience for me. I had just lost a bunch of weight, I had never run before, and was so excited to say I finished a half marathon! I'm trying to find that motivation again, and it's tough. I love running, I really do, I'm just not enjoying it at the moment, and I need to know what I can/should do to get it back. Have any of you ever experienced that? I have 3 more half marathons planned between October and February so I really need to buckle down. Any advice to ignite that fire again?


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  1. I fall into running funks from time-to-time and find that cross training helps. There's nothing wrong with getting burned out. I do look at older photos of me sometimes to remind me that I've lost about 60 pounds because of running and that helps. I also find that even a bad run is better than no run. Try running at a new place, new time or with people (mix it up). Switch the direction of the loop you run, I know it sounds silly but I find that helps too.

    You're a rock star and you WILL get your running mojo back!!


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