Friday, July 3, 2009

I got my groove back and bought some toys!

I cannot even remember the last time I had 3 great runs in a row. Today I went running and I didn't want to stop. I did stop though; Fridays I try to take is slower than normal, because Saturdays are my long runs. It wasn't super fast, but was so fun! I ran 1.8 miles in 20 minutes...I think I got my groove back!!!

I also got some new toys!

Finally I spent the money on a decent sports bra. It's terrible, I know, but I've been running for 9 months, and just now bought a decent sports bra. I had been doubling my sports bras before. It was awful, absolutely awful, and really making it difficult to breathe! I was convinced that there was no sports bra that would fit me and give me the support I needed, so I needed to wear two...wrong!

Without getting into too much detail, I'm a larger on top than most runners so I felt there was no hope for me. I went into
BettySport in Austin, Texas. They were awesome! Very helpful. I walked in, the girl asked me my bra size, and she pulled 5 or 6 bras she thought I should try. The one I ended up with: Calli Bra by Moving Comfort. Let me tell you, the best $58 I've ever spent! I'm going back on Monday to get another...that way I have two and can get rid of my others.

Also, while I was at BettySport (which I highly recommend - some of the cutest woman's sporting apparel!), I found the cutest Nike headbands. A girl runner can never have too many headbands. Teal and Purple say "Just Do It" and the Pink says "Intensity" and "Emotion".

Then, I got home, and checked the mail, and my new iPod nano arrived. YAY! I had one a while back, but it fell out of my purse at a bar. When I realized and called the bar, it was nowhere to be found. I was just running with my iPhone, but I'm so worried of dropping it or it getting wet, that I thought I'd just buy another nano. Plus, this means I get to start using my Nike+ again!

So I'm a happy camper. I got my groove back, and have some fun toys to play with!

Happy Independence Day!!!

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  1. I can only imagine the need for an excellent sports bra for some girls...I'm not one of those girls, though. :) I wear Old Navy sports bras that cost $10. He he.

    Those headbands are absolutely cute! I'm going to have to go to BettySport to take a look at them! I just have black.

    Yay for new goodies and finding your mojo!

    Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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