Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Next race

Woot! I just signed up for my next race! Probably will sign up for the following two very soon!

Run Austin Run Half Marathon - USA Production Racing Series - October 11

My goals for the race
  • Cut 20 minutes from my last half marathon (don't know how crazy this is) - run it in 2:37 (roughly 12 minute/mile) - Going to try to reach this by running more and walking less in the race. I think I should be faster because I've been running longer (last half, I had only been running 4 months).
  • Lose 10 more pounds before the race - Not a major goal, should happen just because I'm training and eating healthy.
  • Stay injury free - This shouldn't really need an explanation.
  • Continue to have fun training - Also doesn't need an explanation.
I'm looking forward to another half marathon.

Some things I remember from my last half marathon (which was my first race ever).
  • Mile 1 - the guys in front of my stopped to take a picture at the "Mile 1" sign
  • Mile 3 - the cute guy volunteer thought he was encouraging by saying "Only 10 more miles to go" my reply "Oh gee thanks!" - made me smile though
  • Miles 6-8 - Pretty much thought I was completely crazy!
  • Mile 9 - It started sinking in that I was about to finish a freaking half marathon!!! That made me very happy!
  • Mile 10 - passed a college neighborhood, one of the guys was in his front yard drinking mimosas trying to get me to stop running (I was SO tempted)
  • 500 yards left - started sprinting to the finish
  • Finish Line - I cried...never been more happy or more proud of myself
Can't wait to have more little memories like these!

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  1. CONGRATS!! I can't wait to sign up for my next race, totally something to look forward to. Those are great goals!! Cracks me up when people say "You only have... miles left to go." Like that helps?? Giveaway on my Blog today. Have a great weekend!


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