Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Update

I might be dying...ok, not really, that might be a slight exaggeration...slight...

This is me watching the All Star game icing my knees. I chased my dog around the house, and now my knees are throbbing...

This is the present I got from my dad yesterday - I love that GU sponsors him!

And this is just because he's super cute! Winston, my baby, I mean my dog!

Hopefully this ice helps because I have a date with my running shoes at 5:30 tomorrow morning!



  1. How does the ice get to your knees through the blanket?? Your Dad is sponsored by Gu? Do tell...

  2. I hope your knees got better in time for your run! That's a nice care package your father sent you! And cute dog! When I was a child, my family had a dog named Winston


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