Saturday, July 25, 2009

Say what???

So, since I vowed to no more treadmill runs (since they are making me crazy) I mapped out a run for this morning. I mapped out a 3 mile about a mile from my house. I live in a really hilly part of town, so was forced to run all hills. Literally, there was no flat part, the entire thing was up or down hill (FYI - I'm not running that route again). So I drive to my starting place and start running.

I felt pretty good, I was making pretty good time. Well, this road that I mapped my run on is a very curvy road that leads into a woodsy 2-lane road that is also very curvy and hilly. I knew that I didn't want to run on that part of the road (really, it's just not safe on that part of the road). With that said (since I drive this route every day to go to work), I knew where I needed to stop. I guess I didn't estimate it well enough when I mapped my run. I turned around at the part that started getting unsafe and ran back. I looked at my watch - 15 minutes...could it be?

I'm averaging a 10 minute mile?


I've never done that.

Side note: I am (most of the time) faster outside than on a treadmill which is where I've had most of my training. I think it's because running is so mental for me. If I see on the treadmill that I'm running faster than 10:45 min mile I get it in my head that I'm not going to be able to finish my run so I better slow down. I convince myself I'll be too tired. When I run outside, I just run. I keep a steady pace, but it's much faster than a treadmill I guess.
So with that said, I thought, well I guess it is possible. Stoked, I kept going. Finished my run, looked at my watch, 30 minutes.


Doubting myself slightly, I get in my car and drive what I just ran...ah man!

Turns out I estimate the road well enough while looking at a map. I only ran 2.5 miles. Not bad actually. 100% hills, 85 degrees, 70% humidity, and only my second outdoor run since my last race in May.

I'm going to do a little better next time mapping out my run! :)

Well - off to get a mani/pedi!

Happy running.


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