Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yep, today was so kickass, ultra fabulous that it get's it's very own post...woot! Not! Well, it get's its own post, but it was anything but kickass and ultra fabulous...

I swear, I really am a positive person, just the past few weeks have been sorta lame!

This is sort of a vent, so if you don't wanna hear it, then don't read it! :)

Ok, the day started out ok, sorta slow and tired, but ok. I got my iced skinny vanilla latte, saw my favorite baristas, and that made me happy!

I love my job, but like everyone, sometimes you just have a bad day. Today, kind of a bad day.

But it's ok, because I was going for a run after work! Yes - I was so excited! Got home, had a slight headache, but didn't care...I was honestly excited to go running. Put my shoes on, and go for it. About 3/4 of a mile into I get this intense, dull pain in my right leg. Oh no! This was the same pain I used to get before I bought my good - proper - running shoes. Well, I have about 350 miles on those shoes now...I thought I could stretch them, but cannot. I need to buy new ones, a small price to pay for no injuries, I just really thought I'd be able to put them off. So, with that said, I cut my run short...very short. I barely got a mile in and was not happy about it.

Instead of beating myself up over it, I let it go. I went home, made my turkey/swiss cheese burger and red wine.

Side note: I'm not running on a treadmill ever again. I hate it! I would much rather slow my pace, and run outside in 110 degree weather than take one more step on a treadmill! Starting Friday, I'm running at the lake!



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  1. Oooh, one of those was clearly needed. :) I have now had a handful of treadmill runs and I MISS running outdoors. I stare at other runners while I'm driving...I usually do :)...but I find myself staring at them and longing to be running outdoors just as they are. I couldn't take it the other night and went out for an outdoor run, but had a friend call and I had to take the call. I only got about 1.25 mi. in. I'm planning for an outdoor run early Saturday morning on a local trail I just miss running outdoors so much - the freedom to stop and start whenever, the freedom to go faster and slower, etc. without having to push buttons! I hope you enjoy your outdoor run!


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