Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a bitter sweet goodbye!

Today was a little bitter sweet. It marked the end of a love affair but the beginning of what I'm sure will be a wonderful and fruitful road!

Today I officially retired my very first pair of running shoes...

These shoes have carried me through so much. We've been through a lot together. They helped me escape. They helped me get healthier. All I had to do was lace them up and hit the road. They were always up for a run. They would sit there staring at me encouraging me to run when I didn't want to. They carried me through my first half marathon, then through two proceeding 5k races. I love these shoes. I'm sad to let them go. I tried to prolong it, but it's inevitable, shoes can't last forever...ooh that still leaves a sting! It sounds silly, but these shoes (to me) are a symbol of all I've been through to get to this point (the healthy point) in my life.

10/26/2008 - 8/14/2009 (355 miles)

The good news is, today started a new journey! Yet more proof to myself that I am a real runner! I tried them out today for a quick 1.8 mile run. I kept thinking, how new and fresh they felt, but just not the same. They didn't have that broken-in-molded-to-your-foot kind of feel. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to start this new love affair. They are new and shiny. I'm sure it won't take me long to break in these new kicks...I will fall in love with them all over again.


Before today's run I created a new playlist. I had been getting warn out of the same ol' songs, so I took some of your suggestions, found some new ones, and created a new list (keep in mind this was a short run).

  • U + Ur Hand by P!nk
  • Disturbua by Rihanna
  • So What by P!nk
  • Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus*
  • Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
  • Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
  • List of Demands by Saul Williams
*I'm not so much a fan of Miss Cyrus, but I heard this song on the radio this past week and honestly thought "What a great upbeat running song" so don't judge! :)


  1. My first running shoes took me from zero to a marathon in 4-months and I actually considered having them bronzed after the marathon. I had them on a shelf in the garage for a year before packing them, and all my other pairs at the time, up and donated them to charity.

    I've been through at least 10 pairs of shoes in the last 2 1/2 years but you never forget your *first*.

    Congratulations on the new addition.

    All the best!


  2. Oo! You gotta add Black Eyed PEas' new song, Tonights Gonna Be a Good night! I posted a youtube link on my blog if you want check it out first! It just gets me hyped up and ready to run! :) I like Mylee's new song too. In all it sounds like you have a good up-beat play list!

  3. Oh and about the shoes, I know what you mean! They are very symbolic! Just think, now YOU are the one breaking in these new shoes,showing them the ropes and guiding them around pot holes. Your first pair of shoes were leading you on a journey....

    Happy Running!


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