Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've turned my back on boxing for far too long...

OMG, I'm so excited!

A little over a year ago (before I started running) I picked up boxing. Not kickboxing, regular boxing! Boxing done in a boxing gym - with no air conditioning, even in the dead of summer. You know, with rings, and bags, and 3 minute timers, and world champ boxers...ya, that kind. Man did I love it! That's really what kicked off my getting in shape mindset. I haven't actually fought in a ring (despite my boxing coaches wishes) because I like my face, I've never broken my nose, and I don't think black eyes look good on me! :)

Sadly, I haven't boxed in about 4 months. It was very hard to keep up boxing towards the tail end of my half marathon training. I was finding such a hard time running as much as I was running and finding time to box, let alone having the energy all while preparing for our huge annual convention at work, working 10-12 hour days.

I've turned my back on boxing for far too long...

I've missed it. I have honestly felt like I was missing something. That's how much I love boxing.

Boxing is one of those things (running, you may want to stop reading at this point) that I truly love. I've never hated it. It's strange, because it hurts, a lot, but I've never hated it. Running, as much as I love it, and I will never leave it (hell, I gave up boxing for it), but I have hated it so! Seriously, there have been many times that I have truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart HATED running...but, like I said, I'd never leave it!

So, on to the good news, the news that I'm so excited about! I've worked it out with my running coach (my dad) so that I can incorporate boxing again. I am so thrilled. I can't wait to wrap my hands, strap the gloves on, and go at it. Now that I'm losing a little more weight, I can't wait to tone my arms and abs up a little bit. Boxing kicks my ass! When I'm done, I feel on top of the world (much like I do after a good, hard run!).

This is what my new training schedule will look like:
Monday - run
Tuesday - run and box
Wednesday - life cycle
Thursday - run and box
Friday - day off
Saturday - long run
Sunday - day off

I hope I can find a happy medium between two of my loves: running and boxing. Hopefully they can live together in harmony.


  1. AWESOME! How cool is that! I have always wanted to dabble in boxing or even some sort of martial art.

    It is funny how you said you have hated running, but could never leave it. My running buddy actually said to me in a conversation about her starting her own running blog, "...no one would care to read about how much I love to hate running." I thought that was so funny! But have we all hated it at one point? Are we all crazy for pushing through the pain yet continuing on to come back for more? Much like boxing?

    Good luck and I absolutely can not wait to read more about your training!!!!!



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