Saturday, August 1, 2009

The left lane is for passing only - !@#$


Honestly, what part of "the left lane is for passing only" is so difficult to understand? On my trip to and from Dallas (a total of 403.1 miles) my belief that the average driver is a complete moron was reiterated. I cannot tell you how many times I was stuck in the 2 lane highway in the middle of Texas this weekend wishing I had the most perfect invention ever.

The most perfect invention ever: I took a road trip from Arizona to California with one of my close friends our sophomore year of college. On the way there, we realized how slow everyone drives and how they just sort of creep along barely going the speed limit and trapping other drivers. So we thought that having a forklift on the front of your car that went under the person in front of you, flipping them behind you so you could keep driving without them would be perfect!

I think there are a few rules that every driver needs to abide by:
  1. Left lane is for passing only!
  2. Never pass on the right - it is very dangerous
  3. Semi trucks should never try to pass other semi trucks
  4. A car/van/truck/suv towing a trailer/car should never be in the left lane
  5. Always drive at least the speed limit (preferable 5-10 mph over)
  6. Use your damn blinker (you have it for a reason)
  7. If a semi feels the need to pass (which is just silly) don't ever cut another drive off to do it - I guarantee the semi truck is going slower than the driver in the left lane trying to pass it!
  8. Don't drive in someone's blind spot - it's called a blind spot for a reason!!!
Sorry to vent, but I really hope that if you are guilty of any of the above "rules" that you reconsider your driving habits! :)

Driving & Rallying...

I seriously love my car!

My car loves to be driven and I love to drive my car. She is a little speed demon that lives for high RPMs! Yes, I am a subie chick! I have a Subaru Impreza WRX. I freaking love my car. Overall I loved the drive (the drivers sucked, the road really sucked) but the drive was awesome! My car is a great road-trip car. Being in my car, driving for that long just reminds me how much I really love it. I am very excited about the X-Games Rally Race tomorrow. Probably my favorite part of the X-Games! If you've never seen the Rally Race at the X-games I highly suggest you do! They are on ABC tomorrow between 2pm-5pm CST.


The meetings went well. I had fun. It was a short but sweet meeting.

I was told that he missed me while I was gone...

Eating Plan...

I'm still taking ideas. This is my calorie goal breakdown. Right now I have 8 snack ideas, 6 breakfast ideas, 5 lunch ideas, and 6 dinner ideas. I'm going to write them all out here tomorrow. Through the week, I'll also update you on how it's working out, add some photos of the food, and let you know (honestly) how it all tastes! I'm going to also start my cookbook tomorrow; should be fun!


  1. I don't know if you've ever driven in New England, but it is brutal. WE have special names for the different state drivers. I like your invention, we could use that here. I just rediscovered the art of flashing my headlights at people in front of me who are driving too slow. It only works if they see you though. Good luck with the cookbook!

  2. trucks can move just as fast as cars can. if u look into it u will find that interstates were built to get the big trucks off of the back roads. not to make your trip quicker. without big trucks this country would collapes. think about it .....everything you own everything was in a big truck at least twice. and brought to your store by a big truck. so next time try to remember be nice and courtious to a truck driver and he'll be nice to u.


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