Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My dad, the best example!

My dad, such a great example!

I was reading a fellow blogger's blog 5 Miles 2 Empty and she blogged about track day with her son. She talks about how proud she is of him that he is growing up to live an active life. This made me think...

My dad has been such a wonderful example for me.

I've mentioned my dad before here or there in my blog. He's my coach. He's my example. He's also a great source of encouragement! In his teen years he started running track to help keep him in shape. After high school he joined the Marine Corps where (as you may know) you need to be in excellent shape! That's where he met my mom, fell in love, got married, and boom...I was born! Yes...both of my parents are former badass is that!?

Side Note: my mom is sweet, beautiful, caring, loving, gentle, but can be one badass tough cookie when need of the many wonderful traits I got from her! ;)

Through most of my adolescent/teen years my dad was very active. People said he was crazy, but in his 30's he decided that he was going to do an IronMan. Guess what? He did! And did another one, and another one, and more and more! I can't even count how many he's done, but it's rather impressive! My dad is a Marine and IronMan...I think that makes me cool just by association!

Loving it so much, and being the great teacher/coach that he is, he wanted to get his coaching certificate! He is now (and has been for a while) a USAT (USA Triathlon) certified coach! His company is called 3 in 1 Coaching.

I started running about a year ago. Not having the first clue about even the proper running shoe, let alone training schedule, I called my dad! Literally I asked him "Dad, I've never actually run before, there is a half marathon in 4 months, do you think I can do it?" His response "Of course you can!" He then set me up on a running/workout plan through his website (yes he can do distance coaching...we live in different states). He keeps a close eye on all his athletes and made sure I stayed on track. He encouraged me when I was having a hard time, and praised me on successful runs! There is a place to track all your stats including how the run made you feel on the training website. It even syncs with the Garmin...super cool!

I'm convinced that my success has to do with my dad. Not only has he been a great example of "'impossible' is nothing" but he's literally been my coach and encouragement through my "getting healthy and active" new lifestyle. I've got 1 half marathon, and 2 5ks under my belt. Another half marathon in October is coming up, a 5k in November, then we are doing a half marathon in December together! I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about that! I'm excited to start the race with my dad, and have him watching me cross that finish line (he's much faster than me!). The new talk is "So, Jen, when are you gonna do your first marathon?" I'd say probably the Phoenix Rock n' Roll Marathon in 2011 sounds good to me! :)

So to all you marathon/tri parents out there, keep up the good work. Your kids are watching! Although it may take a while to catch on (I was 23 when I started) your examples will leave a lasting impression. And dad, thank you for everything you do! You're the best dad ever!


  1. Great post about your dad and yes, you are def cool but even more so now, knowing the back story! :)

  2. i was a proud mommy when my son asked me to register him for a triathlon next month... and my dad sparked a bit of my running bug too :) Great post.

  3. This is such a great post! :) You are way cool, and they are such great parents to encourage you. I'm so glad you caught the bug!

  4. Great post! My kids are a big part of why I started running (at 42) and why I've been doing Triathlons. My daughter has started to enter the fun runs now and she just went to her first spin class with me (she is 12).

    Sounds like you have some great role models! I bet this (two marines) was hell on your dates in high school.

    All the best!


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