Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photos...let's get real!

To help keep me on track, and motivate me, I started a folder in my photo's folder on my computer titled "Photo Journal." It's easy to follow a scale, but it's nice to see your improvement. I live in another state from all my family, so it's always a few months in between visits. They always notice and comment on how good I look, but it's tough to measure it visually, when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. So, I started taking pictures to track my progress!

If you've gotten to this page of my blog, hopefully that means you've read the "How it All Began" page and understand that this IS hard for me to admit. I lived it. My family lived. You didn't. You didn't know how bad it got. People I've just met don't know how bad it got. So yes, it's a bit tough to admit. I just hope this helps motivate someone. Someone that thinks it's impossible. It's not! Someone that thinks they are the only one. You're not! I promise. Anyways, I hope it helps!

Note: I am 5'8"

November 24, 2005. I was 20. Junior year of college. I was the Made of Honor at my best friend's wedding. Don't know my exact weight, I'd say about 150-160.

December 15, 2005. I was 20. Junior year of college. I'd say about 150-160 lbs.

July 8, 2006. I was 21. I was a Bride's Made in another close friend's wedding. I was about 170-180 here.

May and June 2007. I was 22. This was at my college graduation party (black top) and right before I moved (pink shorts). I was 220 lbs (my heaviest).

This is right about where I decided something had to give (in December 2007). Also looked like I steered clear of the camera. Honestly can't find any photos until December 2008...

Christmas 2008. I was about 200 lbs. I was already 2 months into my half marathon training.

March 2009. Just finished my half marathon (2.15.09). I was 190 lbs and felt great!

May 2009 (left) and June 2009 (right). 180 lbs.

July 18, 2009. Another friend's wedding. 180lbs...still. See? I've plateaued.

Still working.

I will keep this updated every month or so as I lose more weight.

Short term goal: 160 lbs by December 31, 2009 (20 lbs from today 8.7.09)
Long term goal: 140 lbs by June 1, 2010 (my 25th birthday!)

EDIT: August 11, 2009

Short term goal: 170 lbs by October 11, 2009 (day of my next half marathon!)
Reward for 170 lbs: massage!

Short term goal: 160 lbs by December 31, 2009 (20 lbs from today 8.7.09)
Reward for 160 lbs: a new outfit from head to toe! (yes I like headbands and shoes!)

Short term goal: 150 lbs by March 1, 2010 (gives me 3 months to lose the last 10 lbs!)
Reward for 150 lbs: massage!

Long term goal: 140 lbs by June 1, 2010 (my 25th birthday!)
Reward for 140 lbs: piece of mind, pride, joy, a new body, a hotter body, a healthy body, satisfaction, and a new wardrobe

UPDATE - 10/27/2009

October 27, 2009 - 174 lbs

I'm trying, but it's not coming as quickly as I was hoping. The last little bit is always the hardest to lose. My goal was to be 170 by October 11...that did not happen. Close, but it didn't. I'm 174. I still want to stay on track for my December 31 goal of 160. I always plattue right before a race because I'm not running as many miles as normal but I eat the same amount. I need to be aware of this since I have two more races coming up before my final goal on June 1, 2010. Any suggestions?

Good news is, for the first time in a LONG time, I don't feel "heavy". I know I'm heavier than ideal weight, but I feel fit, I feel healthy, I feel strong, and I even feel thin. I'm still going for 140lbs, but at 174, I feel and look great!



  1. Those are so great goals! Do you have any mini-goals in mind? I do better when I think in terms of 5 pounds compared to 15-20. Also think about some rewards for reaching the mini-goals -- a manicure when you drop 5 lbs, a massage when you reach 15.

    I allowed myself to get an Ipod when I dropped 15 pounds.

  2. GIrl you are looking fabtastic!!! :)

  3. As someone who has struggled with weight gain (then loss, then gain, then loss) all I can say is that you're reaching your goals the RIGHT healthy way. AND I love the fact that you're establishing realistic goals that are within reach.

    You're beautiful in all of these photos (BTW) but it's nice to see you take control and get healthy.

    Thank you so much for sharing and I can't wait to read about your progress.

    All the best!


  4. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And yours is great too!

    I too struggle, every single day. But I believe that what you are doing is a lifestyle change. This is what will keep you healthy in the long run!

    I had been at a plateau for about 6 months until I added something new just once or twice a week. I did yoga a few times, incorporated weights, speed work, swimming, and even bike riding. I think that helps give your running body a new challenge!

    Good luck and I love the photo journal idea!!

  5. Love this post Jen. Thank you for your honesty.. GOALS and rewards are what kept me going to reach my ideal weight. I kept telling myself that nothing could tast as good as feeling thin felt...Best of luck lady!

  6. You look great! Some people who are at the goal weight can't run a half marathon! You should be very proud of yourself! And you look fantastic!

  7. Wow you look great, even at 180 pounds. That picture of you with the jeans and the black t-shirt is AMAZING Seriously!


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