Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok, ladies, I'm calling on you today!

This morning, after driving myself crazy and nearly in tears, I decided I need to break down and buy new clothes.

I've been dreading this because clothes cost money and I'm not at my goal weight. I dress up for work (not quite a suit, but close). I have 1 skirt that fits me, and 2 pair of pants that fit me (only after I dry them). Both pants that fit me are gray...very obvious when I wear them. All my button up blouses are so big they look unprofessional, so I wear cotton/knit tops, but even those are starting to get too big.

Don't get me wrong, I realize this is a WONDERFUL problem to have, it's just a frustrating, and potentially expensive one to have.

I want to wait until I've reached my goal weight to get my expensive clothes altered. I'm 30 pounds from my goal weight, and my goal is to reach that by June 1...slow and steady wins the race! :)

I am going to go shopping this weekend. My question to you is: what absolutely essential items do I need to buy? What do you think I can get away with?


  1. Black pants for sure. What about a blazer that would match several diff pairs of pants?

    Can you get away with shopping at a less-expensive place like a department store or a kohl's type place until you meet your goal? I'm like you; I hate to spend $ on something I know is only going to fit me for a short while!

  2. Black pants! Also, If you can order online, you can go through ebates.com and get a percentage of your purchases back in cash/check later which you could spend on new clothes at goal weight! A lot of the major stores are included! Check it out.
    If you have to try on, try to shop at bargain places, I even try consignment shops and thrift stores...... Or take your big clothes in to a local consignment shop and use the money you get to buy new ones, this is how I keep a fresh wardrobe.... just a few ideas!!!

  3. Ross, TJ-Max, Goodwill, ask friends who are your size if they have some things they no longer use, and garage sales.. My favorite place to shop is JCPenneys for nice clothes at lower prices, they often have great coupons and sales racks. Oh and Nordstrom Rack!!

    What you NEED. Black Pants- I wore the same pair of black pants a few days a week while I was losing weight. A tie waist dress- this will look good even once you are at goal weight. Tie waist tops- this style will look good as you slim down. Brightly Colored cardigan- this will dress up an outfit and look good all year long. Avoid shirts with buttons up the front, if you wear those you will have to KEEP buying new clothes every 5 lbs. Go for the stretchy type fabric..

    OK my 3 cents.. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!! I still don't have a full wardrobe, I am afraid I am going to gain the weight and not be able to fit in my clothes :)

  4. like the ladies before me said black pants/slacks! I would also see if you can find some pieces that you can mix and match..buy 2-3 shirts or little sweaters that you can pair with several other things. then you can make several outfits out of just a couple pieces!oh and remember stretchy shirts are your friend! as for where to get them i would do like a mervyns or kohls they have great sales sometimes. i even have some luck at target sometimes!

    as for running. i have some experience. NOT a lot. i had been running about a mile or 2 a night for a year but the past couple months i have fallen out of it. i do definetely need to take your advice and get a good pair of shoes. i only ran last night and my shins are already in pain! thanks for getting back to me! it is nice to get advice from people who have started small and are now doing marathons!!

  5. Head to the outlets, Target or Old Navy. You don't have to spend a lot but do buy some decent clothing. I would not buy really expensive items (as you can tell by my suggested shopping spots) but I would buy things that can be dressed up or down. I would get a pair of black, gray and kackie pants and get the length that works with your shoe type (I get both because some days I wear ankle length with flats) and other days I wear the normal length with boots). Then get a couple different tops. Definitely a white button down and other classic looks. You've worked TOO hard to look frumpy. I know because I've been there.

  6. Totally get a few basics in neutral colors. I love shopping at places like Old Navy and Kohls for "in between" clothes. I'm not going to spend a lot on clothes until I reach my goal weight!


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