Monday, September 7, 2009

What's been going on...

Less than 5 weeks! Oh my am I getting excited! I seriously, love, love, LOVE race days!

My next half marathon is less than 5 weeks away and I'm seriously starting to get excited. I'm starting to feel the crunch for sure, but am noticeably getting more and more prepared both mentally and physically.

I was saying to the bf last night, "You know, it's pretty cool, I look like I'm shrinking, damn, and look at my legs!" Yes, I like to toot my own horn from time to time - hey, a girl has GOT to do that when she feels it because we all know there are plenty of times that as a girl we don't feel like hot s*** (even though we are). Agreed? Agreed! :)

Saturdays run was ok. I've had better, but I've certainly had way worse! Drank plenty of water the night before, woke up at 6:30, got in the car, and headed to the local Jr. High track. I pulled up to the school to find a bunch of 5 foot nothin' kids running around in matching uniforms...DAMMIT! Track meet...well that sucks!

Not really knowing the area well, and not having my running pouch, I knew I didn't want to run outside unless it was at the track. So what did I do? I headed to the awful dreadmill for an e.i.g.h.t..m.i.l.e..r.u.n... Yuck! It wasn't the end of the world, especially since it was raining and awfully humid, but still, the track would have been better...damn Jr. High track team! grrrr :P

Can I brag a moment? You are (quite possibly) reading the blog of the biggest sports junkie that ever lived! NBA, NFL, NCAA Football or Basketball, F1, Golf, you name it, I bet I watch/follow it! two NCAA Football teams played and CLOBBERED this weekend!

My alma mater, Arizona State University, completely owned Idaho State University (ok, Idaho State??? but a win is a win!) 50-3! Woot, goooo Sun Devils!

Next, comes University of Texas. My boyfriend goes to Law School there, we live in Austin, and have season tickets. They beat Louisiana Monroe yeah, it was a good football weekend for me! Hook 'em!

So, what's next? This week starts a long, busy, but hopefully fun week! I've mentioned that I used to box (like with bags and boxing rings - not kick boxing*). I had to stop boxing because of work and training for my first half marathon, but folks, I'm going back! Starting tomorrow I'm wrapping my hands and hitting the bags...literally! I'm so excited!! So starting this week my training schedule is:

Monday - run
Tuesday - run, abs, boxing
Wednesday - life cycle
Thursday - run, abs, boxing
Friday - day off
Saturday - long run
Sunday - day off

I'll be sure to check back before a week rolls by...I've been so busy, didn't mean to neglect my blog! :)

Happy running!

*- EDIT: There is anything wrong with kickboxing, many people kickbox and that's great, I just like to make it clear I don't kick box, I box in a boxing ring. It's like people saying your a jogger, there is nothing wrong with jogging, but I'm not a jogger, I'm a runner. I'm not a kickboxer, I'm a boxer.


  1. Love that you BRAG, I truly believe that people should do that more and NOT APOLOGIZE!! Cheers to that sister.

    Excited for you and your race...YIPPEE!


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