Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chocolate is good for your soul!

I’ve said this for as long as I can remember, it’s cheesy, I know, but it’s true: Chocolate is good for your soul.

For reasons I can’t really get into too much detail about at the moment, I’ve been having a rough couple of months. The past week has been especially bad. I’ve been contemplating the future a lot. The bf is in his third year of law school (which is the final year!) and things are getting stressful. I’m sure you’ve all been paying attention to the news, and I’m sure it’s directly affected some of you, but the job market SUCKS!

I am a planner…P-L-A-N-N-E-R! I like planning. I like knowing what the future holds. I like having a plan B and HATE deferring to that plan B…even more, I hate plans C or D!

Yes, I realize that often times life doesn’t go according to plans, but guess what, I STILL LIKE PLANS!

I sucks not knowing what the future holds. It sucks not knowing what the options are. It sucks not knowing where to even begin.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but life has been SERIOUSLY NOT GOING ACCORDING TO ANY OF MY PLANS LATELY! Not just with the bf’s school but with other life things.

I think this is just a time in my life that I’m being challenged to see how well I can “go with the flow”…I’m not doing so hot at that right now and know that I need to work on it. Believe me, I’m trying! I’m trying so hard to just relax and roll with the punches, but it’s hard for someone like me!

Anyways – back to the whole “chocolate is good for your soul” thing…

I bought a bag of Dove chocolates to keep at work for those I-just-don’t-care-and-need-chocolate moments (if you haven’t noticed, I’ve seen those moments much more often lately!).

On the inside of each Dove chocolate there is a saying or quote. In the past few days I’ve come across these quotes that have really hit home for me and felt that I should share. I’m big on picking up “signs” or trying to be intuitive, so I really liked these…

  • You cannot discover new oceans unless you have courage to lose sight of the shore.
  • Life may change us but we start and end with family.
  • Count your blessings not your worries.

I don’t write this for pity, I’m going to be A-OK and I know it. Luckily my bf (man of my dreams and absolutely perfect for me in every way) is so supportive and is the PERFECT balance to my I-need-to-plan-our-next-twenty-years-out-now personality!

I just thought maybe one of you might be struggling with some of the same things and that the little quotes in my chocolate might help!


  1. I can dig it. I remember when my wife was in med school--it's almost like you have this sense that the future is laid out in front of you, but you have no idea what it is. Everything they're doing right now is focused on "the future"--they're on a perpetual on-ramp, and in so many ways all you can do is be supportive and go along for the ride.
    I can also dig the chocolate thing (although I go with the-darker-the-better > 75% cocoa dirty stimulant bombs. Mmmm).

    Sometimes you gotta plan stuff, prepare and get your ducks in a row. And sometimes you gotta just pick up your feet, let momentum carry you and see where it takes you. And take a minute to appreciate the ducks before you line 'em all up. :)

  2. I learned a long time ago not to stress or worry about the things that you can not control.

    You can't control the job market BUT you can control what YOU do on a day-to-day basis. Just take a moment to look back at some of the things you've taken control of in your life.

    I'm assuming that weight loss had its challenges but you took on those challenges (one at a time) and have come out a healthier person.

    Last time I checked, a marathon is a series of steps. Some are easy and some define who you are as a person. It sounds like you've hit a rough patch but, if what I've had the pleasure of reading is any indication, you'll make it through and continue to hold your head up high and.......kick ass!!

    It's the hard days that make you appreciate the easy ones.

    All the best,


  3. I too am a planner so I completely understand your frustration.

    Never underestimate the wisdom of Dove! I love Dove chocolate and the calm it brings.

  4. I just ate not 1 but 3 bags of M&M's... sometimes you just need to eat some chocolate to forget your troubles...

    Hang in there girl!

  5. Mmm, girl you neecd to get some dark chocolate covered almonds. Delish and heart healthy! (okay, to a point...)
    Hope things start to look up and go your way very soon.

  6. Sorry to know things aren't on the up and up but you're off to a good start and it IS in a bag of chocolates. Pair that delectable treat with a glass of wine and I SWEAR your troubles will be over :)

  7. I hate the unknown too. I hope whatever it is that giving you a rough time resolves itself soon.

    BTW, I believe in "signs" too and have a few fortune cookie fortunes stashed around my house.

    Yeah, chocolate is good for the soul.

  8. I am not a good planner jen i wont lie, however i am with you on the signs thing. I love the little messages inside the dove candies not as much as i love the chocolate part however. girl i love your positive attitude..i wish i could be like that. well i know i can i sometimes just choose not too i guess. even though you know you will be ok i am still sending happy delightful thoughts your way!

    and ps you said exactly what i needed to hear yesterday "Smile, you're gonna be fine. Don't stress out about running or eating healthy. If you slip up, you slip happens to us all - I PROMISE!"

    sometimes i forget that if i mess up one day i have the next.

  9. Yep, our family is in a transitional place right now. Some days I wonder if we are going to move shoudl I bother trying to make friends. I never thought life could be so lonely. I love chocolate but I am not exercising so I am afraid to indulge.

  10. Hi,

    My father always said, "The only thing constant in life is change" I guess the better you are at keeping your structure from within, the more sustained your happiness will be. It's defintely true that chocolate does make you feel good because it is a tryptophan rich food that can boost serotonin (The University of Cambridge) as well. So, during tough times totally indulge in Dove Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, or any other Dove Chocolate Promise for that matter;)

    Best to you!
    Twitter: Dove_Chocolate


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