Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving Comfort

So, a few months ago I bragged and boasted about my new Moving Comfort sports bra. I started running over a year ago, doubling up sports bras. I call myself "blessed" and even 2 sports bras (one of them 1 size too small) wasn't giving me the support I needed. Not only that, but because the bottom bra was 1 size too small, it was crushing my ribs and making it VERY difficult to breathe. Try running a half marathon with your ribs feeling like they were being crushed...not fun!

I had almost settled for having to double up on sports bras, being uncomfortable, and on the verge of suffocation while running, until I came across Moving Comfort.

I went into a woman's sporting goods store Betty Sport and they helped me tremendously! They gave my numerous sports bras made for "blessed" runners such as myself and were designed for high impact. I ended up with the Calli Bra and love it!

Well, after about 10 washes, the underwire started poking through the bra. I stopped machine washing and drying it, but running alone made the underwire poke through more and more until eventually the underwire came out completely on both cups 2 days before my last half marathon.

I didn't want to return it because the thought of going back to doubling up made cringe!

Anyways, I emailed the customer service department and let them know about my problem to see if they could do anything about it. I found out that they had this problem with this bra with the larger cup sizes and that it's since been fixed.


So, I sent my bra to them. Since the problem had been fixed I bought a new one. They looked at my old bra and replaced it with a brand new one. Just got it in the mail today! Now I have two...yeah!

Ladies - if you're looking for a new, more supportive bra, I highly recommend the Moving Comfort Calli Bra. Their excellent customer service is reason enough to try them out!


  1. I will never have this problem, but I will be sure to tell all my "blessed" friends. :)
    Super score!

  2. I am with Morgan...Not too blessed here, but I'll let others know! It's always great to get great customer service!!!

  3. I'm with you.... very blessed and am looking for a new running bra since mine is ancient. I may give this one a try!

  4. That is great costumer service. Thanks for the review.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the review. I like my current sports bra, but I am in the market for another, so I will have to try this out! By the way, I see you are coming to the Fiesta Bowl! Maybe I will see you there - although I am only running the 5k.


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