Saturday, November 7, 2009

The swine got me!

Ok seriously, who would have thought that after I posted this on Tuesday: I was supposed to go running today but since my body feels like someone took a sledge hammer to it then ran me over with a truck, and my lungs feel like a cat scratching-post, I'm thinking an evening off would be best. So, with that said, you guys can expect some comments from me tonight (unless I fall asleep at 5pm!). that I would have missed a week of running and 3 days or work?!

I am not pleased. I don't get sick. Seriously, I don't. But I ended up with the swine flu...are you kidding me??? Damn pigs! I think today, finally I'm feeling a little better, I think. I'm hoping I'm back by Monday.

I thank her for starting the swine flu...

My next half marathon is only 28 days away, and I haven't run in 6 days. Not only have I not run in 6 days, but my longest run since my half marathon last month was only 4 miles...OMG! I'm stressin, seriously, stressin!

I want to get back out there and start running, but I know I can't. I need to make sure I'm healthy before I run again otherwise I'll never get better.

I'll focus on getting better and create a plan to come back strong for my next half marathon. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to for my Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon:
  • Not only will my dad be cheering me on, but while I was back home last weekend, I mentioned it to the lil' bro and he too said he wanted to be there cheering me on!
  • While I was back home I had the fastest, most fun runs in the dry crisp weather, and flat roads...will make for a fun race for sure!
  • It's another excuse to head back home of course
  • My bff, Jenn, is flying in from Chicago to run it with me. We promised to run it together no matter what. Whether it takes us 2 hours or 3.5 hours, we are running it together!
Soooo - I owe you guys a little vacay-recap...

  • Flew home (to Phoenix, AZ) last Thursday.
  • Friday, lil' bro (who just turned 21) came over to the house, we drank, played wii golf and bowling, and the 3 of us (bf, bro, and I) went to the Phoenix Suns Home Opener! Suns won!
  • Saturday, bf and I went to our Alma Mater Homecoming Game. (We both went to Arizona State University for undergrad, that's where we met...awwww - haha). ASU lost, but it was still fun to be there a support the Sun Devils.

  • Saturday night (Halloween) one of my top 5 favorite athletes ever came to the front door with his son, trick or treating. Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals...we both got to meet him. Very nice, and much bigger in person than on TV! Go Cards! (no- I did not get a picture or autograph, he's their neighbor and I wanted to play it cool...until I've met him a few more times at least!)
  • Sunday we went shooting up in the mountains (we only shot targets, I would never ever shoot an animal!) it was a lot of fun!

proof that I hit my targets...
  • Took a lot of fun pics...Arizona really is so beautiful!

So, that's that in a nutshell I guess. I'm trying to keep up with your blogs, I've just been sleeping...A LOT!


  1. So sorry to hear you have been so sick! get better soon!

  2. Aw, so sorry you got the Swine Flu! Get some rest and be kind to yourself. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  3. Girl you best get your rest on and feel better! I can't believe how much it's making the rounds. I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the vaca pics!

    Don't stress about the 1/2 to much, like you said, you are going to make it no matter what.


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