Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tecate = Boxing ... do the math!

First - I'm alive...still have a nasty, lingering cough, but I am alive and getting better...thank goodness!

Second - I suck!

To understand my utter adoration, love, and all around passion for boxing, you can read these prior posts I've turned my back on boxing for far too long... and Reminded today just how in love I am.... I've done it again...again! I've stopped boxing and it's killing me.

Tonight I was out with the love of my life. We went to our new favorite pub/lounge/bar. They had the Tecate promotional girls there promoting Tecate Light (it's a beer for those who live under a rock, don't pay attention to martial arts sports, or are over 35 and have a more refined taste for beer..). Anyways, Tecate ALWAYS sponsors the boxing events that my coach puts on, so naturally, I hear/see Tecate, I think boxing. Here's my math...follow along...

Tecate = Boxing
Boxing = A passion of mine
Boxing + me at the boxing gym = Very happy Jen
Boxing - me at the boxing gym = I suck!

It's very simple math...when I box I am happy, when I don't, I am sad and feel like I suck.

So why is it so damn hard?

Here's the thing. Because I'm always training for a race now, I work full time, and volunteer about 10 hours a week, I only have time to box on Tuesday and Thursday. My gym membership is the same if I go every day of the month, or 1 day of the month. If I know I am leaving town for work, going on vacation, family coming to town, race week (which are easier than other weeks), etc. I tend to "take a break" from the gym to save some money and then get something like the damn swine flu with a lingering cough and can't go back yet. GRRRR!

So, what's the plan you say? (You had to know that I, miss-plan-my-entire-life, had to have a plan...right?) The plan of attack (as my Marine Corps parents would say) is that no matter what on the __ of each month I pay my boxing gym membership, no matter what!

Once I'm done hacking up my lungs I will take my happy ass down to the gym, apologize to my coach AGAIN, and start boxing again! I say once I'm DONE hacking up my lungs, because people tend to look at you strange when you sound like you have a highly contagious and deadly disease...yeah, don't know what THAT'S all about!

So friends, I leave you with this...so totally freaking badass, I know!

It's a Tecate speed bag key chain and I love it!

Alright kids, it's late here, and I need my rest. Going to attempt my first run back tomorrow since I got the swine...


  1. Runner and boxer? Can you get any cooler?

    The piglet got me too (not full blown swine, thank God, just an annoying as hell cough!!!) My doc recommended Delsym and so far it is NOT working *sigh* My co-workers have pretty much damned me to a leper colony lol. Glad to hear you're getting better though. Any medicine recommendations?

  2. I am cracking up at your key chain and love of boxing! I can't wait to hear more about this... seriously, I really want to try boxing myself so perhaps you will inspire me!

    I hope you get back to 100% SOON!!!

  3. How awesome is it that you found something you LOVE to do??? MAKE TIME. I'll nag you to pay your boxing gym membership, k? TKO, baby!!

  4. I love boxing too, but now that i'm doing all the stuff for triathlon, it's too hard to fit it all in, so boxing has taken a back seat... for now. But I miss it sometimes too! Hope you feel better soon!


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