Monday, December 21, 2009

Pasadena bound...


You're a complete sports nut.


Eat, sleep, drink sports.

You decline on social events with your girlfriends to watch a game. You prefer to drink beer and cheer obnoxiously than go shopping or get a pedicure. You literally bleed the colors of your team. Your Christmas tree is decorated in your teams' colors. You ask for tickets or sports gear for birthday presents. Your first date was a sporting event and your (now bf) was impressed with your passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the game. You know more about sports/teams/players/specific moments in sporting history than most men you know. now you have a GLIMPSE of how I am about sports...

I have a few teams (but I watch all sports): Phoenix Suns, Texas Longhorns, Arizona State Sun Devils, Arizona Football Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, the list goes on...

Any of you recognize a name in that bunch? Living in ATX I've become obsessed with the Longhorns...season ticket holder right here!

Well, for those living under a rock or who don't care about College Football (it's ok, we can still be friends...) the Longhorns are going to the National Championship game this year. And guess who has tickets?

That's right friends, I'm going!

This lucky chickadee scored tickets to the National Championship Game, at the Rose Bowl...

You only live once.

We may never get another opportunity to see our team in the National Championship game. So...we're going!

I can hardly stand it!!!

Burnt Orange Roses...

HOOK 'EM!!!!!


  1. Wait a second here.. You run? You box? You like to watch sports? AND go to sporting events?

    If I was not already married, I'd be down on one knee with a couple of carrots. NO, a couple of court side seats to the Suns asking for your hand in marriage.

    Your boy fiend = Luckiest dude in the world.

    Have fun, safe travels and Happy Holidays.


  2. Have a great time! You're right, you only live once!

  3. Yawn! Be a USC fan and you'd have many more trips to the Rose Bowl......

  4. Hubs (an Alabama Grad) is dying to go. But, me (went to Auburn here!) just can't seem to muster up enthusiasm to spend the money, and we don't have the money anyway. And secretly, I'm for your Longhorns, but don't tell Hubs. I really just want to shut some of these Bammer fans up! OK, back to being nice now! Our little secret, right?

  5. I totally support you Jen and am hooting for you! Wish you all the very best with your blog. Rock it girl! Been following up here for quite some while. And you're doing great!


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