Thursday, December 17, 2009

The running code...

The running code…

We all abide by it, whether you know it or not.

It’s when you’re out on the road. It’s below 40 degrees, you're running uphill with the wind blowing against you. You want to stop…so badly, but then you see another runner...running the opposite direction, looking just as cold, just as tired, just as worn out, and you give each other that half wave and smile as if you were saying “Yeah, this kinda sucks, but you’re doing awesome, keep going!

I love being a runner, and following the running code!

And runner girl in the pink long sleeve shirt that had that very same exchange with me yesterday, thanks! I didn’t feel quite as alone out there in the bitter cold!



Oh you wonderful, wonderful, AWFUL hills…

I ran 2.5 miles of 100% hills yesterday. Not all up hill (of course) but seriously, not a flat part on the course I ran yesterday. I took a little 2.5 mile loop from my upcoming half marathon. It’s the same 2.5 mile stretch of course that made me want to die when I ran it last year.

With a very hilly half marathon coming up in February… (first 3 miles all up hill, second 3 miles all down hill, last 7 miles of rolling hills) I need to be ready! No more flat runs for this chicka-dee!

Ok – I need your advice, thoughts, input…

I was planning (seriously planning) on doing the San Francisco Full Marathon (my first full!) in July 2010. I’m now having second thoughts. It’s not because I’m afraid of 26.2 or I’m afraid I won’t be prepared, it’s because the love of my life won’t be able to be there. He will be on day 2 of the Bar and the test won’t be in California. Now if it were my second, third, fourth full marathon I would say “eh, not the end of the world, you’ll catch the next one.” But it’s my first. Seeing his face at the finish line is so awesome, and I really want to share my first full marathon finish with him.

So – do you have any suggestions of great full marathons between June and August? What are your favorites?

I leave you with this…another reason to bring the iPhone on a run…

The photo does not come close to give the colors the justice they deserve.


  1. I love when I have that brief connection with other runners. Especially when I see them twice during my run, knowing they are doing the exact same thing as me. It's a great feeling.

  2. i'm a nodder/waver too... i wish more were. and hills. Love to hate them... but they make you so strong! Good luck picking a marathon!

  3. I don't have a suggestion for that time frame but Marine Corps Marathon in the fall is my favorite!! Happy Holidays

  4. Hills Hills Hills the bane of my existence!! Good luck picking a FULL marathon! Exciting!!

    I was wondering if you followed a training plan for your first half?? If you did could I pick your brain por favor??


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