Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sauceome Duo Debut

So, here it is. I hope you all are sitting down, because your minds will be blown at the pure epic awesomeness that you’re about to witness!

So, it started a few months back when BFF and I decided to do a race together. Living in 2 different states, we thought “What race will be do and where?” Seeing how we both have ties in Arizona, we decided to travel to AZ to do the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon on December 6, 2009!

Well disaster struck!

Our perfect running worlds were shattered…

Just a few short weeks before our first racing debut…we got sick. Both of us…sick enough to miss out on significant training.

Stressing out about our worlds crashing to an end (naturally!) we decided, who cares, we’ve both done them enough, that we’ll be fine. We were still going to do that race. Well, we were sicker than we thought and missed a lot of training, like weeks of training. Blogging about it earlier, a dear running/blogging buddy known as my favorite red-headed runner, suggested I not take it so damn seriously and dress-up in tutus.


Quickly, I text BFF…she was SO in! But, it didn’t stop there…




The Saucesome Duo!

Seriously, some epic awesomeness was about to ensue…

We showed up race day morning, looking like this…

The comments were unbelievable. People loved us. Cops were stopping us to take pictures of us on the course! Seriously, we were a hit!

The course itself was nice. Very flat (something I’ve never experienced in a race). It is somewhat unfortunate that I couldn’t take advantage of this “fast course” because I was so out of half marathon shape.*

* Disclaimer - I do not recommend running a half marathon un-prepared. Both BFF and I have quite a few miles under our belts and went on the course knowing to take it easy. “Treat it as a long run not a race” we kept saying. I had a half marathon about 7 weeks before this race. The longest I ran between the two was 6 miles…not healthy if you’re looking to PR. So honestly, we took it easy and walked when needed. Injury was the last thing on our list of things to do. I cannot stress it enough, do NOT push yourself into injury if you are not fully prepared.

Moving on…

I really enjoyed the course because it went through my old neck of the woods, a neat little stroll down memory lane.

The best part about the race though, hands down, starting it and finishing it with BFF!!! Seriously, I love this girl, and we had a blast! Running and jamming out to our tunes, then walking and talking until we felt well enough to run again!

We took a photo on the course…

Her bf was there to take photos at the finish… High-fiving I think?

I swore the finish line was being pushed back…

Then, all the high school volunteers that were volunteering at the start of the course, and were done when we finished asked to take a photo with us…

If you’re interested in purchasing your own custom tutu, I HIGHLY recommend Abby’s Tutu Factory. She made these custom for us with very short notice! Not only that, they are very reasonably priced and well made. Heck, they survived us running in them for 13.1 miles, and still in perfect condition!

I’d lie if I said it was easy. It was actually the hardest 13.1 miles I’ve ever run. I am definitely looking forward to a more prepared half marathon in February!

The great part about all of this? BFF and I have decided to make this a tradition. Every year, we’re going to get together for a race. I can’t wait to see what 2010 will hold for this saucesome duo!

Seriously, ask yourself: why would you run a half marathon with your BFF when you could run a half marathon with your BFF while wearing matching green and pink tutus?

Up next...

My next adventure will be the Austin Half Marathon again! It's on Valentine's Day (my favorite holiday!). I'm very excited about this because my first race ever was the Austin Half Marathon in 2009! It will be my 4th half marathon in a year, my 6th race total in a year, and the last half marathon I do before my full marathon debut in July! I'm so looking forward to this race!


  1. haha! That's awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast! Congrats and well done :D Have a great weekend.

  2. OMG I love youR TUTU'S!! That is pure magic!!! what an amazing idea!

    I am taking a page from your book and I am planning to run my first ever half with my besty. There is no one I would rather have by my side!

  3. Sounds and looks like you guys had a great time. Nice job!

  4. Girly that is the cutest story EVER. My BFf is not fit to run, she biked next to me for my Marathon training...I loved it, but I would love it more if she found an obsession for running like I have.


  5. The two tutu's are too funny!

    Sounds like a blast!

    Happy holidays,


  6. LOVE the outfits!! Sounds like so much fun!


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