Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Rid of that Security Blanket! won't be missed!

Wow, that was therapeutic! As many of you know, the whole running thing came about in part as a desire to lose weight and become healthier. If you haven't read about it, you can read How it All Began here.

Today was spring cleaning in my house (a few months early) but it was overdue! About every 6 months I've been going through my closet and getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit. Since I started with about 80 pounds to lose, it's been a process that has taken time. So I've gone through many different stages. You know, lose a little bit of weight, buy new clothes, maintain for a little while, then move on to lose more weight and start the stage all over again. In my opinion it's the best, safest, healthiest, and most long term way to lose weight. Sure, losing 20 pounds in a month might be more desirable in the short term, but more likely than not, you'll gain it all back because you crash dieted...not healthy!

Going through my closet every few months is really great for me. Losing weight can be very discouraging at times. I know I look good, I know I've lost tons of weight (50 pounds), but sometimes I lose sight of that, and wish I was at my goal weight! Cleaning out my closet reminds me just how far I've come!

Pulling out a size 14 thinking - "You know, I should really hold on to this..." then trying it on realizing it's literally falling off of me, then doing the same with a size 12...freaking awesome!

Getting clothes out of my closet is also good, because I'm basically saying to myself "You will never need to wear that size ever again. You're doing great and don't need that security blanket known as your fat clothes!"

If you follow my Photo Journal then you know I do still have weight that I'd like to lose...about 30 pounds. I'm currently a size 10...smallest I've ever been since my senior year of high school! My goal is an 8...maybe even 6. I'm trying not to set unrealistic goals for myself. I'm a very full figured, curvy woman, and a size 6 just may not be realistic. If I find that I still have weight to lose as an 8, I'll go for a 6. If I get to a 6 and am able to maintain, then great!

So...the verdict? I was able to get rid of literally half of my wardrobe!

These were the clothes, all piled on the bed.

Then I folded them all and packed them tightly here.

Now the plan is to research where to donate the clothes. I'm think I want to wait until they are collecting items for Haiti. Right now they are focused on money. In a few months, supplies will hopefully help!


  1. This must have felt SO GOOD! Congrats!

  2. My husband made me donate my "FAt Clothes" he said he knows I will NEVER be there again. It was theraputic.. Congrats on 50lbs!

  3. Don't you just love the feeling of letting go of possessions that have a certain hold on you!? I remember when I threw away my wedding dress (long story!) and how liberating it felt. I donate clothes normally, but couldn't fathom seeing someone wearing that dress around town - what a nightmare! Ha ha! I love how you're planning on donating the clothes to Haiti!


  4. Good for you! Bless others with your clothes! Those bags are a visual representation of your hard work!!!

  5. Yay! That is wonderful! Loose the baggage! You have accomplished so much.

  6. Wow girl!!! CONGRATS! That's amazing!

  7. Tremendous Jen! My wife forced the issue for me this past week - actually buying new clothes for me. Hmph. I wasn't quite ready to let go of the old ones.....

  8. What a completely awesome way to clean out your closet AND help those in need!

  9. get rid of all of it. u wont ever need it again!!!

    congrats! that must have felt awesome!!!

  10. OK, I'm officially inspired to go tackle my closet. You're so right, I've got many pieces of clothing that serve as a security blanket. This is my first time here, looking forward to reading more.

    Winks & Smiles,


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