Thursday, February 4, 2010

Less than 2 weeks away...


My next half marathon is less than 2 weeks away. Honestly, I haven't even thought about it much. I've been so busy with work this time of year, that it's kind of snuck up on me. Good, right? I think so at least.

Anyway, I have a few thoughts leading up to this race...

  1. I seriously hope I PR. I know it's not all about the time, but this is my 4th half marathon and I'm expecting a PR. My second hm I was expecting a PR, and I finished about 10 minutes slower thanks to the 7.5 miles of pouring rain and 40 degree weather in OCTOBER (seriously? WTF Austin!). My third hm was a sure thing PR -- flat course (in Arizona), great weather (in Arizona) -- um but then the stupid little piggies got me and the tail end of my training (damn swine flu!) and I finished yet another 5 minutes slower than my 2nd. Needless to say, my running ego needs this PR!
  2. How tired am I going to be after the race? Usually I'm pretty beat, but my long run last week (10 miles) I was rambunctious and ready to party after my run. Hoping I feel the same way after the race, seeing how it's on Valentine's Day (which happens to be my favorite day of the year!). It's ok, just in case, the bf and I are celebrating the day before. Last year when I did this race we went to the Expo together and hit up a new (to us) Irish Pub downtown, which is now one of our favorite hangouts. We'll be doing that again this year!
  3. Seriously hoping it doesn't rain. It's been nasty weather all week, and I will not be a happy camper if it rains for yet another half marathon!
Yeah, so that's what's going on in this brain of mine!

Thanks for all the comments on Chicago! I'm so looking forward to this, and I'm loving all your support!

Also - thanks to all the new followers, you guys rock! Since life is crazy for me right now, and my google reader is overflowing, I'm trying to comment on all your blogs as you comment on mine...I'll get better come April! :)

Cheers to tomorrow being FRIDAY! W00T!

PS - working on a 300 calorie mini meal post. I've had some great feedback from you guys and some very good questions. I'll clarify and give you ideas. Up next...300 calorie mini meals that are vegetarian friendly! I will also be updating my Photo Journal in the next week or so to reflect more progress, I'll keep you posted...


  1. Awesome!! I'll be thinking about you on V-day. Since I'm 90 miles and the weather has been sucky here too I'll try and do a "go away cold and rain" dance for you. Good Luck Sista but don't beat yourself up. You're accomplishing a lot. Be Proud!! Stay Strong!

  2. You are not alone! I've done 3 half marathons with my 4th one in June. Each one has been slower than the previous and I hope to have a huge PR in the next one! Good luck and rest up well beforehand :-)

  3. After all that sounds like you are due for a PR. I hope you get it.

  4. I was hoping to run a V-Day 5K but am thinking I might have Saturday school to make up our several recent snow days... boo! Good luck lady! Are you going to wear red or pink or something V-Dayish?

  5. You are SO going to PR! Just kept telling yourself that! You are well trained and pumped up...that's all you need.

  6. I think it's kinda good that it snuck up on you too -- not as much time to fret about it! Trust your training, you'll get your PR! :)


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