Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do it in 2011

10 reasons why you should do the Austin Half Marathon in 2011...

...aka my Valentine's Day Race Report (the "no one said it was easy" way!)

Disclaimer: I am not an Austin native. I am not a Texas native. Not even close actually. I moved here about 3 years ago with my (now!) fiancé after we graduated from undergrad and have fallen in love with the city.

10. Austin is a kick ass city with kick ass residents who LOVE to support their runners. The town comes alive on race day (yes, even 7am on a Sunday). Musicians with their guitars, photographers, parents with their kids, fellow runners who decided not to run the race, even the random guy with a cardboard box sign that says "26.2, 13.1? Y'all are crazy!" They all come out to cheer you on!

9. The Austin Motel (roughly mile marker 1) had a little message on their marquee "So close, yet so far out"

8. They are the "greenest" marathon/half marathon in North America. Come on, would you expect anything less of the ATX?

7. Badass giveaways! In 2009 we got a shirt, 2010 we got a backpack with the race logo on it. Freaking sweet man!

6. The first 3 miles is uphill. The second 3 miles is down hill. The third 3 miles you want to die. The last four miles are rolling hills. And yet a PR isn't out of reach!!!

5. In 2010 they had they had little hearts on the finisher's medals because it was on Valentine's Day. I'm a SUCKER for little things like that!!!

4. When the legislature is not in session (which it wasn't in 2010) you get to run through the Capitol grounds the last 1/4 mile of the race! And you get to start the race in front of the Capitol...Legislative Session year or not! Beautiful!

3. They print your name on your race bib so the awesome badass spectators I mentioned cheer you on by name. "Go Jen, you rock" "Damn, lookin' good out their Jen" "Great smile, keep it up Jen!" "Hey Jen, havin' fun yet?" -- you get the point!

2. With "26 miles for 26 charities" each water station is manned by volunteers from a different charity in Austin. The charity then receives part of the proceeds from the race.

1. Because I said so. It's my favorite race thus far. I ran it in 2009 as my first race, and PRed in 2010. I'm planning on doing it every year!

So, there it is buddies! Run it with me next year! :)

PS - thanks to everyone for all your comments and congrats on my engagement. I'm so super stoked!!


  1. Okay. You talked me into it. See you there in 2011.

    I feel kinda bad for Austin though because you'll be crowning the San Francisco Half Marathon as the greatest half marathon ever in July.

    Enjoy this while you can Austin, enjoy this while you can.....

    All the best,


    Oh, congrats on the whole getting married thing too :-)

  2. Who doesn't love Austin? But those hills, whoo dawg!

  3. Ok I AM a Texan and although I live in IL I would love to move back home - specifically to Austin because it rocks!

    That "rolling hill" thing though? Scares me (Houston raised = flatlander!)

    Way to go on your PR! :)

  4. Sounds like a blast ... and, um, YAY for your engagement!

    Winks & Smiles,

  5. I love that photo with the Capitol building in the background. I visited UT a couple years back and was pretty impressed by the whole city.

    Nice bling! Congrats on the PR!

  6. You had me sold at 'you should do the Austin Half marathon' :) Congrats chica!

  7. I agree, it was an awesome race! I did the full this year (which I totally think you should do in 2011!!!). I was SO impressed with the whole race and have nothing but great things to say about it.

  8. Congrats!
    I'll be joining you in 2011. First I need to accomplish my first full in Nov in San Antonio:)

  9. Now you are making me want to do that race :-)


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