Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the earth

...I promise!

WOW, has it really been almost 2 months since my last post?

Funny how life gets sorta crazy huh?


Beginning of March – I didn’t run. I worked 12ish hour days preparing for our annual convention. Enjoyed beer. Finalized my bridesmaids for my wedding.

End of March – I didn’t sleep. I worked a lot. Our annual convention went as smooth as it possibly could go, the numbers were the best yet. My maid of honor and I toured a reception location.

Beginning of April – still no running, because I suck. The fiancé and I revisited the reception location, fell in love with it, and signed a contract. We picked a date (4/29/2011!!!). We booked our photographer (

Middle of April – I started running again, and it sucked*. We went to Phoenix to visit family and go to the Suns first playoff game (which they lost, but came back with a huge win their next game). The fiancé finalized his groomsmen.

*Yes, running has sucked. If I’m gonna be honest, part of my regretted signing up for the Chicago Marathon in October. After my last half marathon (Valentine’s Day 2010) I was so dead. I PRed (barely) but felt like I was so over running. I’ve heard about these awful days, where running sucks, you hate it, it hurts, you cry, you’re in pain, you feel like you’re going to die, you want to give up, and you despise the people who seem to enjoy it…we’ve all had those days, but let me tell you, it FREAKING SUCKS when it’s a race day and the race is 13.1 miles long!

With that said, I’m trying to get back into running. I booked my flight and hotel for Chicago, so I have a few hundred bucks invested into this race already…it IS happening. While I was in Phoenix, I had a surprise visit from bff (she is from Chicago and happened to be visiting her bf in Phoenix the same weekend I was there – it was meant to be!). Anyway, we are doing the Chicago Marathon together (yes, the Saucesome Duo makes an epic return!) and she really helped put my running mind at ease. I swear, without that girl, I would have quit a long time ago. This is our plan: we are going to train like there is no tomorrow, we are going to go out there and have a blast, we are going to walk when we need to, cry if we feel like it, and of course take photos! I mean come on, I’ve done 13.1 miles four times…how hard could 26.2 be…right? Right? Well, it’s happening!!!

The plan, right now, is to slowing increase my miles. It’s amazing (and quite sad) just how out of running shape you can get without seeing physical difference in just 6 weeks. Right now, 3 miles is tough. It sucks, but whatever. I’ll get there.

I hope you all are doing well. I’ll keep you posted on my marathon training and wedding plans! :)


  1. Fall in love with running again soon... I go through phases like this allll the time. Super excited about your wedding! I still remember mine through champagne induced looking (meaning I got waaaay drunk off champagne at the reception) almost 18 years ago!

  2. Welcome back! We've missed you! By the way - the Suns stand *no chance*....

  3. The great thing though is that since you were so in shape, you'll pick it back up quick. It's not like someone just starting to run. The muscles are still there they just have to re-learn how to work again, but you don't have to build up a base from scratch so you're really like skipping ahead of the curve :D I hope that was motivating.

    p.s. I'll be in Chicago too! Do you have a training schedule planned out yet? I want to see! Yes, I'm nosy :D

  4. Congrats on all the wedding planning. A girl after my own heart - enjoyed beer!

    I'm sure the running will fall back into place.

    Winks & Smiles,

  5. It's always difficult to get "back on the wagon" after a break. You've got an amazing goal in front of you though - Chicago!!! You can do it and before you know it you'll be in love with running again!

  6. Hey, just found your blog, wanted to say hi! I hear you on the "running sucks" days. Some days I don't know how anyone could enjoy torturing themselves like that, but after the run I always feel better (well maybe not *right* after the run...)

    Great job getting back to it, you'll do great in Chicago!

  7. Congrats on getting back into it! I'm just starting to get into it!!!! And I'm a lil nervous!!!

  8. Glad to have you back chica! I too, am in the doldrums with running and have no motivation whatsoever to run, much less start training for a marathon [ugh bleeeeeeeeeeeh]. You're definitely not alone but we must power through this because Chicago is going to be freaking a-w-e-s-o-m-e :) Let's do this!!!!!


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