Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 1, day 1...great success!

(I really hope you read that "great success" Borat style!)

Day 1 of the 6 week challenge…done!

It was a good day (yesterday). I did a very short run (slightly de-hydrated, I wasn’t ready for the heat + humidity…guess it’s SUMMER!!!). Then I did about 20 minutes of core*, and day 1 of the 100 push-up challenge.

Not only that, but I was very successful with my mini meals:
  • Meal #1 – turkey bacon, whole wheat English muffin, tomato, latte
  • Meal #2 – half turkey/cheese/tomato sammich, bowl of strawberries & pineapples
  • Meal #3 - half turkey/cheese/tomato sammich, ½ bowl of strawberries & pineapples, no sugar added apple sauce
  • Meal #4 – bowl of honey nut cheerios
  • Meal #5 – homemade BBQ Chicken, broccoli & beer

Since I’m an uber nerd and LOVE spreadsheets, I’m creating a spreadsheet of my lovely little plan. This will help me track exactly what I’ve been doing so I can effectively measure my results! (told you I was an uber nerd!) Once I have that ready, I’ll post it here in case any of you are interested! ---> see over there (well, on the side, and up a little)? Where is says "Work It Girl" that's where it will go! :)

*- Last time I posted about my core workout, I had some people ask me what exactly it entailed since it kicked my ass so bad. Ass kicking = results…right? Well I’m working on that post. You should expect it in the next week or so! In the mean time, just make sure you do lots of planks (or bitch-planks as a friend and I call ‘em…those little bitches!)

So day 2 of the 6 week challenge will include: more mini meals, a longer run (hydrating!), and core. Since the 100 push-up challenge only calls for 3 days a week, I’m going to do that Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Now, if only I could stop sneezing…my abs and ribs wouldn’t hurt so much!


  1. Yay I love when you hurt the next day from core! I do a lot of planks too. Try doing hte side planks against a wall so that the back of your head, shoulders, back, butt, calves and ankles are all pressed against the wall. It's WAY harder than doing side planks on the regular floor.

    Great job!

  2. Ab soreness has got to be one of the best feelings in the world! nice job!

  3. Sounds like a great plan with balanced eats and exercise.


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