Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get your groove on

With less than 128 days until the Chicago Marathon, I’m finally starting to feel running again. I’m still not having the time of my life again, but at least I’m getting back into the swing of things and running on a regular basis.

My runs thus far have been short, like, really short. 3 miles is my longest in the past month, so I really need to start getting those miles up.

Living in the great state of Texas, I get the wonderful privilege of receiving the unbearable heat induced runs before much of the country. Some of you are thinking “Wait, didn’t she say she lived in Phoenix for a while? How is Texas worse?” Well, my friends, you are right. I lived in the Phoenix area for about 7 years, but it’s a dry heat…really, it is! I must say, I would take 110 degrees in the beating sun with 0% humidity over 95 degrees in the beating sun with 60% humidity any day!

Anyway…about that heat…

I’ve been running in it. Oh yes, running in that f***ing awesome 95 degree, sunny, 65% humidity weather! That’s right, be jealous! With that said, I’m pretty sure that’s why my distance has been lacking.

*-Disclaimer: I hydrate and listen to my body. I’m not a fool; I don’t want a heat stroke. If I’m dying, I stop.

Why do you run in that crazy weather?” you ask! Well, I live in the outskirts of town with no safe place to run without driving closer into town, so getting up at 5am really isn’t an option because I wouldn’t have enough time to drive, run, drive home, shower, get dressed, then drive back into town for work – so I run after work. And, the dreadmill, at this point, is not an option. Plus I like the sun! I do, however, wake up early for my Saturday long runs!

Yesterday I hobbled my way through 2 miles…today; I’m determined to do at least 3 miles. Saturday, probably 5!

Cheers to marathon training in the summer heat! WHOOOOO!

PS – thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!

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  1. Eeeeks yeah I'm training in florida heat and humidity too and damn.... it feels like a freaking greenhouse effect. I do a lot of my running early morning but at least once a week I make myself go out in the afternoon or early evening to do some serious heat training. It's pretty horrendous. I get nausous and heat cramps (don't worry I stop too if I'm DYING) but yeah it just sucks. You can do this! ;D


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