Friday, June 4, 2010

Miserable heat, rain, or the treadmill?

So after my rant about the awful hot and sticky weather yesterday, it!


I wanted to go running...outside! Which do I hate more: running in the rain, running in miserable heat, or running on a treadmill? -- treadmill...for sure! It's death by steps.

Pros to running outside in the miserable heat: you get sun, it makes you tougher, you sweat a lot, you're prepared for a possible 100 degree race day (hey, it happens!)
Cons to running outside in the miserable heat: you sweat a lot, you can't run as hard/far, it sucks

Pros to running outside in the rain: it makes you tougher, it's not as hot (sometimes!), you're prepared for a rainy race day (it's happened to me before), rain cools you down when you're running
Cons to running outside in the rain: it's raining...they invented umbrellas for a reason

My conversation with my fiancé yesterday via email about my run (before I ran it):

Me: I have no desire to run in this weather.
Him: I'm sorry, baby. Treadmill?
Me: I'd rather die.
Him: Oh.
Me: I'm just complaining.
Him: LOL, so what are you going to do?
Me: Run in the rain then bitch about it later.

So...lucky I am...bitching about it later!

Actually, by the time I started running, it had stopped technically raining. It was more of a misty, mucky, mess. Hot, humid, sticky...perfect condition for running! Right?

It was a fairly good run. I felt like I had a lot of energy. I ran 3 miles, as promised, then followed up with 100 crunches.

It's predicted to hit triple digits this weekend, so I will likely be up around 6 to hit the trail for my run tomorrow.

Tentative Training Schedule for next week
Saturday: 4-5 miles
Sunday: crunches and push-ups
Monday: 3 miles and crunches
Tuesday: 3 miles and crunches
Wednesday: crunches and push-ups
Thursday: 3 miles and crunches
Friday: crunches and push-ups
Saturday: 5+ miles

I will leave you on this Friday with this:

A view from the trail on Lady Bird Lake in running spot!

PS - Hope you like the new digs! I felt it was time for a change!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Way to get it done despite the miserable conditions!

  2. It's the same nasty conditions here in Arkansas. Good job for getting the run done!

  3. Well you already know my opinion but I'll post it anyway! I <3 Treadmills LOL

    I'm glad you got it done though in whatever way you can :D

  4. I just noticed I'm in your side-pane for featured blogs :D Yayyyy thank you!

  5. Love the new look! I hate running in the heat and running in the rain..... but do it any way. Maybe I"m tough?


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