Friday, July 9, 2010

The Art of Running

Sometimes I want so badly to dub running as science and not art. I love art, I love design, I love the beauty of it but I really love science.

I love knowing right and wrong. I love having a yes or no. I love calculations. I love numbers. I love formulas.

Sometimes I want to know: if I do x and z while running then I'll be able to do y with no problem.

I obsess over time, laps, miles, much so that I forget the beauty of the art of running.

I forget about the stride. I forget about the sweet rhythm. I forget about the sound of my breath. I forget about swoosh in my pony tail.

I get so caught up in the science behind running that I miss the aspect of running that I fell in love with.

On Thursday, I had a 4.5 mile run planned. One thing about's been off and on pouring down rain for the last 2 weeks or so. Not ideal for running. Luckily, up until yesterday, the rain had mostly dissipated by the time I hit the trail. Well, Thursday was different. Thursday, the rain picked up by the time I was scheduled to hit the trail.

I left work dressed in my running gear, Garmin and all! There was a slight drizzle but nothing this future-marathoner couldn't handle. By the time I drove the 2 miles to get to my running trail it was full on jungle down pour. CRAZY rain...seriously, CRAZY! There were 3 other guys who parked next to me, all in running gear, only one of whom hit the trail.

After thinking about it 5 minutes I decided that I'd regret not running more than I'd regret at least trying. (When I miss a run, I feel so guilty that it's difficult for me to enjoy anything until my next run). Treadmill...not an option! I call it "death by steps" unlike Bananas and Toast (who love the treadmill!)

Due to Niagra Falls in Austin, I decided to run sans iPod. First time I've ever done this intentionally. In one word, it was...


I was able to get back to the art of running! It was just me and the beauty around me. My heart beat, breath, slosh of the puddles and mud, crunch of the dirt, drops of rain on the leaves, chirps of the was amazing!

By completely forgetting my time, stressing about the right tunes, I was able to focus on my run, my stride, my rhythm.

If you've never run in the rain, I would highly suggest it. It was amazing to get back to the art of running that I fell in love with. Just me on my trail...all alone!

The trail I get to run on! I was all alone in the rain, it was amazing!

Tomorrow? 8 miles...rain or shine! ;)


  1. I love this post. :) I am happy you had a wonderful run.

  2. That sounds wonderful! Like a present you didn't know you wanted until you opened it!

  3. Nice trail!! It looks beautiful!!

    Yep, when we are training it is so easy to make running a CHORE and to forget that we do it because we love it! And that it is so therapeutic, especially in the rain with no iPod yelling at your ears! Great job!

  4. Hi! I am new to your blog and loved this post! Sometimes we get so caught up in the science part of running that we forget the enjoyment part. I am glad you reconnected with that.

  5. This is a very inspiring story to read, thanks for sharing more good thoughts. Nice blog too.


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