Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I’m seeking professional help...

…and it’s about time!

I’ve blogged several times about my weight loss. I’ve had some success, I’ve also been a little stuck (plateau effect). I lost tons of weight right away and then sort of stopped. I will occasionally lose 5 lbs, but will usually put it back on in a few months. Just back and forth.

Here’s the deal…

I’m always training. Meaning, I’m consistently logging at least 20 miles a week. Usually more like 25+ miles a week (especially when I bumped up from half marathon training to full marathon training).

obviously not me training, but I thought it was a cute photo

I eat healthy. I don’t diet and I don’t restrict myself but I do eat very well. My food philosophy is: eat when I’m hungry. Eat veggies, fruits, and lean meats. I eat red meat 1-2 times a week. I don’t crave red meat more than that (I believe that cravings are a sign that your body needs something).

I’m tired of burning thousands of calories a month, eating healthy, and not losing any more weight. I honestly feel like I have 30 more pounds that I could lose, so it’s not like I’m complaining about 5 pounds here.

I have a feeling that while I think I’m eating healthy, I’m probably not eating healthy for my body. Each person needs some foods and really shouldn't have other foods. They are going to be different for everyone…I hope I can find out what’s right for me.


I’ve found a nutritionist and I’m visiting her today for my first appointment.

I am so excited! Today she will take a full body composition (which probably won’t be so exciting – I’ve heard that they are worse than you expect). I’ve filled out a bunch of surveys and questionnaires from her office. This is to help her determine what diet works best for me. (Diet meaning: eating habits).

After researching her and reading some testimonials it sounds like she is pretty awesome. It sounds like her philosophy is about finding foods that are good for you without making restrictions on food you love (but may not be the best for you). She’s all about living a happy, healthy life.

I’m excited to start the next chapter to a leaner, meaner, fightin’ machine!


  1. Girl, I hear your frustrations. I've actually gained weight while training for a marathon. [WTH?!] Hopefully this works, and if not, at least you tried something different.

  2. I am really excited to read how this goes. I hope you are able to find what works for you to shed the rest to where you want to be. good luck and good eating!

  3. Good luck! I feel your pain on this. I run consistently. I average 15 - 25 miles per week, and I'm always relatively active, from walking the dog a few miles a day, to using arm weights in the morning for a quick workout before getting dressed. I cook regularly and rely on healthy recipes, I don't junk on snacks or even care for too many types of desserts, but I just can't seem to drop what I call my vanity pounds - an extra 10 that for me are the difference between me and what I picture a real runner should look like.

    I've used weight watchers for years, and that's helped a lot to teach me what appropriate portions should look like. But I've never fully learned the psychological stuff that I stumble over (cravings, binges on junk food, etc). I'll eat healthy and monitor my calories for a few weeks, then binge out and literally gain back the weight in a day. Endless cycles of this.

    Keep us posted on the nutritionist's suggestions!

  4. Can't wait to hear how it all goes! Sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend lately!


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