Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Almost there!

Today is day 9 of my 10 day detox from my nutritionist. I mentioned that I needed professional help because I’ve plateaued (big time) in my weight loss. I have teeter-tottered with about 10 pounds for a few months and it was DRIVING ME CRAZY!

The nutritionist appointment went really well. She was so cool and easy to relate to. Overall she seemed impressed by my efforts and wants to help me lose the rest of this weight.

We did a body comp analysis. This was pretty cool. It gave me some happy information and some not so happy information – which helped determine what weight my nutritionist wants me to be at. Good news is…I didn’t tell her my goal weight and she came up with the same goal weight for me that I had for myself.

She told me one thing that I already knew and was hoping she wouldn’t say: women can’t loose weight long term by running long distance alone. I know, I know…ugh! (I’ve since started weight lifting, especially since my running is at a slow.)

Good news: I have above average pounds of muscle on my body for my height and weight. Yes, this means I’m ripped!

Not so good news: I have an (on the higher side) average amount of fat for my height and weight.

Our goal is to put me below average (or on the low end of average) for pounds of fat.

The detox actually isn’t what you’d think. She doesn’t believe in starving yourself or filling your body with processed foods. My detox was simply lots of lean protein, lots of veggies, some fruit, detox drinks, and supplements.

The idea is to stay away from grain, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, sugar, etc.

Not too bad right? Right! Well, until I traveled to Houston with the fiancé and some friends for the Texas football game. That was so much harder than I thought. Not only could I not drink beer or eat just about anything at the tailgate or game, but eating out was difficult! But, I stayed strong and didn’t cheat once! Not even when the Double Tree gave up warm chocolate chip cookies when we checked into the hotel!

Tomorrow is the last day. After that, I’m not quite sure what my plan will consist of. I have another appointment with the nutritionist Thursday, so I’m anxious to find out.

PS – thanks for all your encouraging words on my post about the Chicago Marathon. As I mentioned, it was a really tough decision, but one I knew I needed to face. It was either deal with it now and save myself from serious injury, or deal with it later after it’s possibly too late.


  1. I never knew that about women not losing weight by running long distance alone :( Maybe that is why I really haven't been losing much by training for my 1st 5k. Learn something new every day! Good luck on your detox..sounds like it's just what you need to break out out the plateau.


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