Friday, September 10, 2010

The Verdict


I had my third appointment with the most awesome nutritionist ever! If you're in Austin and want one, leave me a comment and I'll send you her info. She's awesome! Seriously...awesome!

10 Day Detox
Good news... I lost 10 lbs on my detox

Bad news... 8 lbs of it was muscle

Reason... I wasn't eating enough. Hear that? I wasn't eating enough! I've never heard that before, but it makes since. My body type* requires a combination diet that is heavier on protein. I wasn't eating enough protein. With the amount of muscle I have, I burn just over 1600 calories a day just doing nothing. That doesn't include working out, walking around, etc. 1600 calories of healthy food is A LOT of food. So I need to tweak my portions a bit by adding more protein to my diet. Easy enough...I think!

Obviously this is the next step and what will probably be the most challenging. You can get through a detox because you know it's 10 days. The next step is maintaining it for life. I am now officially on a dairy free, gluten free, sugar free diet. Luckily, she is giving me 2 freebies a week. This means that 2 times a week (not 2 days a week) I get to eat/drink whatever I want. It can be a bowl of cheerios, cupcake, 5 beers, bowl of queso, whatever. (She's fairly confident that I'll learn my lesson quickly and stick to the healthier freebie options instead of the bowl of queso).

This will be interesting at first. It really means that I'm going to have to be careful what I eat and plan ahead. I have a feeling after the first few weeks I'll get a really good hang of it and it will start to become second nature.

No caffeine (unless it's a freebie) and only 1 glass of alcohol every other day (unless it's a freebie).

The idea is so that I don't feel like I'm dieting. Since this is something that is for life, she believes that I do need to be allowed to have the occasional cupcake or fries. Also, this will limit from the picking (2 chips here, chocolate kiss there, cookie here, you get the picture...)

For the next two weeks, her goal for me is to put 4 lbs of muscle back on (which she says will happen easily if I eat the proper amount of protein) and lose 1.5 more lbs of fat.

Baby Steps
I'm going to achieve these goals by following the eating habits I'm supposed to and mixing up my work out. I haven't worked out much since my last run, but I'm starting back up next week. I'll run 3 days a week and lift weights 2 days a week.

Solicited Help
Since this dairy free, gluten free, sugar free diet will be for life, I'd like to find some good tips, recipes, or resources. Anyone out there have anything they'd like to share with me?

* Please don't listen to what I say as advice for everyone. My nutritionist is a professional who ran several tests on me to determine what is best for me. What's best for me probably isn't what's best for you. Seriously!


  1. 10 lbs is still 10 lbs! Outstanding Jen!

  2. Hey! I'm in Austin and would love to know the name. YOu can email me at


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