Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Wishing Cards

I am trying to add as many little personal aspects to my wedding as possible. None are very significant or big, but each little thing gives our wedding that extra personal touch. One of the personal touches I'm adding, are wishing cards!

Instead of having a guest book, we are asking our guests to make a wish for us. There will be a small chalkboard with cursive writing that says "Silly, sweet, or sincere; make a wish for the newlyweds here!" Each guest will then write whatever their wish is for us (silly, sweet, or sincere) and put it in a vintage looking pale!

I made the wishing cards with double sided 12" scrap-booking paper and perforated business cards. I bought the Happily Lost package by Lily Bee Design on Amazon. The business cards I bought at Office Depot.

Using a paper cutting board, I cut the scrap-booking paper into 2.25" x 3.75" pieces (a total of .25" taller and wider than the business cards). I then used an adhesive to mount the business cards on the scrap-booking paper, leaving approximately .012" on each side of the card, thus leaving the other side exposed on the sides of the card. For adhesive I used scrap-booking (acid free!) tabs.
Front/back of the paper

Back side of the cards

Close up

Close up

Front/back of the cards

2 weeks from today!!!

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