Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Get up and get moving!

So, as most of you probably know by now, I'm a freelance graphic designer. I am proud of all of my work, because I literally pour my heart and soul into it, but I recently finished a project that is very special to me. It's special for a few reasons: the company supports all things "local" and getting up and moving around. Two things that I love dearly...I love Austin and their unique vibe; and I love being active.

PassingLEFT is a pretty awesome company with great beliefs; yet another reason this project was special to me. Here are their beliefs in their own words. PassingLEFT believes:

  • in getting out and exploring your surrounds the old fashion way, by putting your feet to work. Your heart will thank you!
  • that fitness apparel can be stylish, carry a positive message, and promote local pride.
  • in keeping things local. That is why we call upon the assistance of local graphic designers to create our t-shirts. Each t-shirt is designed by an artist living in the city it represents.
  • in supporting charities that promote fitness and make it possible to get out and explore.
  • in advocating running/biking safely and the responsibility to leave no trace behind.
  • in living life in the fast line, setting goals (fitness or otherwise), and making things happen.

Anyways, the founder/owner of PassingLEFT (the company who hired me) contacted me and asked if I could design a local themed running shirt and cycling shirt to sell on their website. They currently have a few generic shirts and shirts for the following cities: Austin, DC, Jersey, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. I thought, since most of you are athletes like me, you might like to take part and help support PassingLEFT's awesome mission; either that or rock one of my designs because you love me so much! :)

Without further adieu, here are my t-shirt designs.

Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the World and home of ACL (Austin City Limits). This graphic uses the guitar and unique Austin skyline. I worked with the Director/Owner of the company to create just the perfect graphic for the Austin running t-shirts!

Austin is the home of the largest urban bat colony. Several different bikes were used to create this Bikeman t-shirt design.

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Hope this is a reminder to get up and get moving!

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