Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bootcamp day 1

Surprise! I didn't tell you guys...but if you follow my tweets then you know: I signed up for a 12 week fitness bootcamp. I did this for a few reasons:
  1. They were running a 50% off special if you sign up for 12 weeks
  2. I've been needing something to get my ass back in gear
  3. I knew if I committed that much money to something, I wouldn't quit (50% off is still a lot)
  4. One of my best friends is doing it too
  5. I'm a glutton for punishment
  6. I like doing things that are hard
  7. I'm crazy
  8. I thought it would be fun
So yeah...

Day one was today and HOLY HELL! that's hard! I'm a tough cookie. I boxed for 2 years. I completed 4 half marathons. I've trained in 105 degree weather. But OH-EM-GEE! This. Is. Hard! Damn! I literally had my ass handed to me, and I loved every minute of it. Ok, maybe not EVERY minute. Actually, probably none of it, but I feel AWESOME now! I feel like I'm the badest ass there ever was.

The plan is to go Mon/Tue/Thu evening and Fri morning. Yep...4 times a week...this should help me lose that 15 lbs in a heart beat!

Some things I will need to really work on:
  1. Staying hydrated
  2. Fueling properly
  3. Not bingeing after bootcamp
  4. Eating right...the idea isn't to work out like crazy so I can eat crap and not gain weight...the idea is to work out like crazy and eat right so I lose weight!

So yep, 1 hour of Rockbody Bootcamp in 101 degree weather...perfect Tuesday afternoon! I'm going to really try to blog after each workout (might not post each entry), but I want to track how I feel immediately so I can look back on my progress!

Have you ever done a fitness bootcamp? Love it? Hate it? Miss it?

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  1. I tried a bootcamp class with a friend who had been going to it for a while and absolutely kick a** at it. Had a great time and wish I could go more, but it's a bit expensive. Hope you have a great time, it sounds awesome!


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