Friday, August 19, 2011

honeymoon time

Yes, our honeymoon begins in less than 20 hours! At 6am Austin time, we'll be leaving for Newark with a 7 hour layover then headed to Frankfurt. Don't worry, during those 7 hours, we'll be making our way into the City for a nice lunch! I love New York.

Anyways, we'll be gone 10 days. And am going to try to post as I get time. I'm bringing my laptop and of course my camera and lenses. This is a road trip across Europe, so there will be lots of experiences to share with you that I hope I'll get to post every so often!

Today, I'll leave you with my Twitter #FollowFriday suggestions. My special Honeymoon Edition Favorite-Twitter-Duos! If you're on Twitter, you should follow them. I love them!

  1. @jesswilliams27 and @jaydubbs and their tag-team, totally-awesome photog biz @Session_Nine // this super talented duo did our wedding!
  2. the witty @thegroomsays and his gorgeous bride @jofosterwilson // read his blog, just do it -
  3. one of my besties @mrstarachatt and her adorable husband @Zack_Chatterton
  4. two ladies who need to come to Austin so we can get pedis! @SueMac99 and @thatpinkgirl // They also blog: Sue - & TPG -
  5. last but definitely not least @HellaSound and @pauloelias #fooduphouston


  1. Yaaay! Have the MOST fun on your honeymoon vacation but most of all, take time to just enjoy being MARRIED!

  2. I'm so embarrassed! I'm just now reading this. I hope y'all had a fab time and thanks for the shout out!


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