Friday, September 16, 2011


Sorry it's taken me so long to post this.  As you can imagine, after taking 10 days off from every day life, it takes a bit of time to catch back up.

Our honeymoon was AMAZING!  Despite the worst night-before-traveling-to-a-foreign-country anyone could ever experience, once we got off the ground it was perfect!

For starters...we were supposed to leave from Austin to Newark at 6am on Saturday, August 20 - meaning we were supposed to leave our house at 4am (cab already ordered).  At 9pm Friday night hubs got an email from AIRLINE WE'LL NEVER FLY AGAIN (AWNFA) saying "Your flight from Austin to Newark leaving at 6am CST has been canceled." That's it.  Nothing else.  No "it's been delayed, we'll put you on a later flight" or "we've refunded your card so you can book a different flight" or "we are working with A-BETTER-AIRLINE to put you on a similar flight"...nothing.

So naturally, hubs calls AWNFA trying to sort it out.  After all, that was just ONE leg of our international flight.  Of course AWNFA is bombarded with calls "We are experiencing a high volume of calls.  If you would like a service rep to call you back in order of when we received the calls, leave your phone number."  So he does.  Mean while I call on my phone (I don't trust those call back things).  I actually get a wait time of 120 minutes.  Wow.  After about 3 hours of being on hold and waiting for the call back, we finally get a hold of someone who straightens out our situation.  We were booked on a leg a flights: Austin to Houston to Newark to Frankfurt to Munich.  We finally got to be around 12:30am Saturday morning and set our alarm for 3:00, but whatever we got it figured out.  I felt awful for the people who didn't find this out until they got to the airport...I would have lost it.

So...the fun part began!  We were going on a 10 day road trip to 3 countries.  The rest of the post will be mostly photos.  Enjoy!

Double decker plane (PS this was NOT the AWNFA -- promise!  Lufthansa was wonderful.)  

 We had enough AMEX points to be upgraded to business class and were served free booze...champagne before the flight! 

Frankfurt of my faves!  It looks like a train station.

Munich, Germany
 BMW Museum in Munich


This photo almost got me thrown in German prison.  This is the US Consulate so naturally I wanted to take a photo of the American flag.  The German officer assumed I was trying to take a photo of the building for sinister reasons.  So he stopped me with his machine gun and asked to see the photo.  Thankfully he let me keep it and I didn't get in trouble.  Scared the living $%^& out of me though. 

 Beer and pretzel at the Hofbrauhaus (not exactly gluten free, but whatever)

Strasbourg, France


Reims, France

Champagne vineyards. 

Old race track on the side of the road.  

Spa, Belgium (The Formula 1 Race!)

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