Friday, March 23, 2012

9.2 in 4

I'm not going to lie. At first, I was skeptical. Just another ad for a weight loss program making promises. And if it did work, I'd either be starving myself, eating a bunch of packaged foods, or spending hundreds of dollars a month. I knew that to be a fact. Until...

I saw Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA. I'm a huge basketball fan. Even bigger Suns fan. And the Chuckster is my favorite basketball player of all time. They didn't call him the Round Mound of Rebound for no reason. He's a big dude. Well, was... After seeing him and hearing him contribute his weight loss success to WeightWatchers, I had to at least look into it.

I was happy to learn that it wasn't going to cost hundreds of dollars a month and I didn't have to eat a bunch of packaged foods. So the next question... would I be starving all the time? Trying it was the only way to find out. So I did.

You've got to understand that I've literally tried everything, short of diet pills (which weren't options). So even if WeightWatchers didn't work for me - no harm, no foul. At least I could say that I tried it.

Well - It's been about 4 weeks. Just had my weigh in. And...

I've lost 9.2 pounds! In just 4 weeks!!

And - happy to report that I'm NOT starving. I'm still learning what power foods are best for me to help curb hunger, but I have not been left feeling weak or famished all of the time.

I'm a very happy camper. It's amazing what a little weight loss can do for your confidence!

Goals for this week: incorporate more exercise.

Started WeightWatchers 2/19/2012
This Week’s Weigh In:
1.2 lbs lost
Total Weight Lost: 9.2 lbs
Weight Left to Goal: 36.8 lbs

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  1. Congrats! Keep it going! I know what you mean. When folks notice that you've lost weight, and tell you that you look great...there's nothing better.


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