Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best Birthday Ever!

It's kind of a running joke for me.  I'm a firm believer that the best is yet to come, so anytime I experience something, naturally: It's the best thing ever!  Best Christmas ever.  Best vacation ever. And yes - best birthday ever!  All jokes aside, this was one very amazing birthday.  I've never felt more loved and it reminded me just how truly blessed I am to have amazing people in my life.

Friday (my actual birthday) was amazing.  I received THREE bouquets of flowers that day - THREE!!!  AMAZING!

Then, that night, hubby and I headed to San Diego.  We are travelers at heart.  We love, love, love exploring new places (and old places) together!  I hadn't been to San Diego in probably 12 or 15 years so it was so fun to go back! 

 The birthday girl and her newly thinned-self was ready for her flight!

We stayed at the Andaz in San Diego.  Yes, that's a "sexy shower".  You can see from the bedroom to the bathroom through the shower - HOTT!

And we could see Petco Park from our hotel! 

 My birthday kicks!

 We went to the USS Midway museum.  SO COOL!
 Seeing how my mom, dad, and uncle are former Marines, I love anything USMC!

 Hubby: still wishes he were a pilot.  Someday. 

 Fighter pilot, Jen!

The type of Helo my uncle flew for the USMC. 

 He put me in the Brig. 

 Then we had seafood and beer.  And I ran out of beer.  And it was sad.

 Then we went to batting practice before the Diamond Backs and Padres game.  Pitchers chillin in front of us.

Then, JJ Putz (close for the DBacks) tossed me up a ball!  *swoon* 

 Awesome ballpark!

Yep - that's a dog (a real one) in that remote control car.  Austin isn't the only city keepin' it weird!  

On board The Spirit of  San Diego ready for a bay tour. 

Ended the trip with a Belgium Triple local brew called Green Flash.  I love my Belgium Triples! 

So, see?  It really was THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!  


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