Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm 2!

Ok - I guess I'm not 2...but my design business is!  June marks the 2nd anniversary of me taking my graphic design to the "professional" level.  Uck...I hate saying that...professional.  But I guess that's what it is, getting paid to do something, right?

Anyways, to celebrate, I'm giving all my lovely friends, supporters, followers, and anyone really that stumbles across this blog, my Twitter account, or Facebook page 40% off the items in my Etsy shop!  Some fun, cute, quirky, semi-vulgar things in that shop.  Ok, not really semi-vulgar, but I call it "unapologetic print design for those with a sense of humor" for a reason. ;)

Pssst...the discount code is at the bottom of this page. 

Here's a few things you'll find

blank inside

inside: congrats on getting knocked up

inside: because I swear you just had a kid...

blank inside
inside: you have it
inside: now we know that you're not a virgin 

Just a few and I'm adding new stuff all the time.  Pretty much whatever I'd say to my BFF is going on a card design.  

So, use this code: HAPPY2BDAY anytime in June and you'll receive 40% off of your purchase!

Enjoy!  And stop apologizing for your inappropriate humor...I don't! 

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  1. Just added your Etsy site to my favorites! Love your stuff!


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