Monday, July 2, 2012

Get Sexy Routine

Oh yes, I went there. 

This is my Get Sexy Routine, because let's face it, toned muscles on ladies are hot!

Sunday: cardio + arm free weights
Monday: cardio + core extravaganza
Tuesday: cardio + legs/glutes
Wednesday: cardio + arms + core
Thursday: rest
Friday: work out with trainer
Saturday: cardio + legs/glutes + core

Do you see what I did there?  To keep from injury, I broke up the areas I'm working on between workouts.  

Make sure you check out my I Work Out and I Work Out Video tags for tips, photos, and super sexy and not at all ridiculous videos of me performing the things I'm talking about above: core, arms, cardio, etc. 

I will be incorporating Bikram Yoga for a least 2 weeks starting at the end of July.  I may or may not keep that up, but of course, will keep you posted.

peace & love,

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