Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holy WOW!

Alternative post title: holy shit balls - but I thought that might be a little much this early in the're welcome.

So, a friend and I created a Facebook group for the Mama Laughlin followers as a forum to come for advice, encouragement, motivation, recipes, tips, etc for those wanting to lsoe weight and/or get/stay fit.  We launched it yesterday and as of this morning we have nearly 1800 fans.  WHOA. I had NO IDEA it would be this popular.

What this tells me, is that I'm not the only one losing weight.  I'm not the only one needing support.  

I'm a natural cheerleader, so I am SO STOKED and slightly overwhelmed to be able to stand along side these ladies as they fight to get fit.

Today was a weigh in.  I'm still dealing with the 2 pound cycle/platue.  I read up on it and apparently it's common when you've lost this much weight.  Still sticking with it.  I'm not giving up.  I will continue to work out and stay on plan.

I'm 168.8 today... .4lb loss, which I'm happy about.

Anyways - if you want to join the group, it's here:

Hell yeah bishes, that's a hip bone. BOOYA!

So - join me, I'll kick your ass into shape, encourage you very sweetly! 

peace & love

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